The versatile blogger award |1st Nomination | Facts about me

First of all, I don’t know how I shall start this blog post.
This is my first nomination and I’m just feeling so speechless for this.
Thanks to the person who nominated me and she was Ragazza Triste.
I’d like to tell that she’s one of the amazing bloggers I know, she blog about herself and tell story. I totally admire her for her way of writing short proses and free-verse poetry.

I was inspired by her writings and that writings shows genuineness that really motivated me to show off my real self through blogging. She expresses ,tell stories, and unintentionally impresses . A must-visit blog. Here’s the link:

I’ll tell, being nominated to any of the blogging awards isn’t one of my goals but it’s one of my dreams and finally somebody there appreciated and did the thing.
I waited for the time ’til it happened and now I’m writing for this.
I once became envious to those people taking such different recognitions but I always told myself that I should never feel that way because it will come to the point that it would be me to do the thing and here it is…

And I’m like this

The Versatile Blogger Award was created to feature and recognize blogs that have unique content, high quality of writing and fantastic photos.


  • Thank the person who nominated you with a link to their blog. Include the banner in your post.
  • Tag it under #versatile blogger award.
  • Tell 7 things about yourself. What are some fun facts about yourself?
  • Keep up with the chain and nominate bloggers for this award.

7 unknown facts about me

(let me think…)

1. I cry at sad Songs composed by my idol, Taylor Swift.

-Whenever I’m listening to any sad songs composed by Taylor,I maximize the volume, I’ll be totally quite and then later cry. It reminds me of my sad memories in life and I am undeniably related with it and it makes me tears in silence.

2. I’ve been a fan of the brand Apple and it’s my dream phone ever since.

-It’s something ridiculous to dream of a phone but it was really me and it’s what I want to have ever since but I found that it’s too impossible because of being in lack with money but everything takes time and someday I’ll be buying it at it’s latest.

3. I love cats.

-I want to have a pet since before.

I started loving cats when I found out that my idol (again) Taylor Swift has a lot of them.

Well, cats are better than dogs at least they’re not that naughty creature.

When can I have that furry meow? Cant wait.

4. I prefer listening to music than to sleep over long period of time.

-I have that free leisure but instead of just closing my eyes, I usually put my earphones on and then lay there.

Most of the time, I could fell asleep for just a minute with a song playing in my head and then wake with a song still.

5. For me, it’s better to be in a quiet place than to be in kinda over-populated area.

-It’s a funny issue that our world’s population is really growing so fast.

I hate noise and that’s also a fact about me. I can only find my peace if I’m surrounded with calm. I’m tired of people, tired of all this dramas.

6. I don’t forget easily | This, it’s unforgettable!

-When I’ve done something wrong, I never forget about it ’til I know it’s already alright. I always regret and it’s hard for me to let go. Moving-on ain’t easy (telling it with little laughs) .

When someone did something to me either good or bad,that’s also something that sucks in my mind. Again, moving-on ain’t easy. Never easy.

7. I always believe in the saying that “Everything’s for a reason”.

– Disappointment happened and I would say in my mind that “Everything’s for a reason”

And it’s true, it is. That thing won’t, will never happen if that’s senseless so insert such the words.

It both contains the funny and inspiring side of my self.

That’s it. I’m done so my nomination shall be in.

Let me think again


Here they are:

•For sharing your life with us and your feelings. Take it Ryry

•For always putting up smiles and laughs on our faces and letting us join you with your journey. Go for it friend, Lizzy

•I don’t know you so well yet but I saw you’re different interests in life and so you’re blog. I nominate you Brad

•Because of your different photography with hidden stories. Be nominated Maddy and Honey8

And to those who aren’t doing this nomination yet, please consider yourself nominated.

Do this for me and for you too. We are all very good bloggers so we deserve it.

I enjoyed it, so I hope you too guys will.


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