The Blogger Recognition Award |4th Nomination | Blogging Advices

Hey guys! I got nominated for this award that’s appealing differently unlike the other blogging awards that we can receive. I’m excited for it but before that, I want to thank this blogger and a friend that nominated me for this unique award.

Expressing my gratitude to Manessah B. …

โ€œ Thank you so much Manessah, this is such an honor to be doing this kind of blogging award. I’m very much happy I’ll be giving advices to all. โ€

Her blog focuses on poetry, I found it meaningful, especially the story behind the name of it and the name she uses in writing. This is a must-visit blog. Here!


  • Thank the blogger that nominated you and provide a link to their blog
  • Create a post to show your award
  • Give a brief story of how your blog started
  • Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers
  • Nominate a few bloggers that you would like to give this award to
  • Go to the blogs of those you have nominated and let them know in their comments section that they have been chosen to receive this award (be sure to provide a link to the post showing your award

How did my blog started? Let me tell you a story! ๐Ÿ™‚

This blog of mine was created accidentally…

I’m a fan, Taylor Swift had her blog on MySpace before and I got curious about it and so I tried checking it on google but it’s giving me no exact result. I searched the term Myspace on google play and there’s also lots of results. I found there WordPress and then I clicked on it then downloaded it. I made an account to that application without knowing what’s the thing all about. There I had my blog but I don’t really know that I did, I am super unfamiliar and in total ignorance like I don’t know what’s blogging and what I am to post, if it’s like using other social medias or what (well, I never consider my blog and blogging as social media ’cause it’s apparently not) . I sometimes visit it and then look at my reader which is I don’t know anything about before, I made post that I’m not sure with(they are also untitled [funny]). I never mind it after that but I met this co-blogger of mine whom I know personally and I saw that she’s a blogger at WordPress and I got shocked, I visited her site (here) and then gave a comments-asking-questions on her posts, starting that time, I became much curious than before. Her name is Mary, she’s also my first follower that time and the reason why I strive harder because I know that I have someone to rely on, so thanks again to her.

I was never hopeless when I started, I even worked for my own blog, I asked other bloggers to follow it and right now, that’s the thing that I regret and makes me laugh when I remember… But at least it worked. Here’s my line: โ€œPlease follow me on markanthonysthings. Thanks.โ€

Some bloggers may know about that.

Before, the things I am posting were articles but I found myself not into it and most of the time it’s hard for me to relate from it all (they are still in my blog so if you want to read them, ok), I’m not planning to trash those written works of mine because that is where I started.

My advices for those other bloggers who think they can’t! | In blogging, theres no such word as in โ€œcan’tโ€ .

I’m just almost four months being in this part of life and I don’t think that I suite to give advices to y’all but ok, I still will. Let me break the rule, I’d like to give all the things I think will help.

โ€ข Most important (for me) : Blog not for money and fame but for yourself, for your feelings.

– Never expect anything big, never expect or aim to be discovered or to gain income from it, just write and write, and someday you’ll never notice that you’re blog is already growing. The reason why you blog is to showcase your talent and not to sidetrack it.

โ€ข Be true and never edit yourself through your writings.

– It’s important to always show your genuineness in writing, don’t be hypocrite and act like someone who’s almost perfect, I mean who is? Right?

Once your true and you say nothing but truthfulness then your reader will probably believe you and will be satisfied with your works. That’s it!

โ€ข Don’t Rush

– This is one of the important things in doing something, don’t rush and expect a lot especially if you’re just a starter, everything takes time. If you don’t yet have a lot of followers, just wait and that will increase as time goes and as you write ( My recommendation, always put or add tags and categories to your posts. )

If you don’t get that number of likes you want, wait! (anyway, what’s the point of likes? That’s just likes.). To tell it, I’m also like-hungry before but I found likes useless because I realized that even there are bloggers who give that to your post but they don’t read it, then that blog post of yours is wasted.

And if you can’t get that comments you’re always waiting, don’t worry because at the right and perfect time, you’ll feel appreciated through their words! (Anyway even with comments or none ,we are all appreciated here in this community. Who’s not?)

You’re readers will come, just be patient.

โ€ข Read other people’s posts and comment if possible .

– This will probably stop you from being a vanished blogger who seems to be unseen and not just that, it’s also one of the best ways to gain followers, readers, and comments as well. It’s also the bridge to make and find friends, the best part of blogging.

โ€ข This is an advice from my friend,Lizzy so under her credits, here it is:

Follow other blogs.

– If you want to be supported and helped, you shall first do that 2 things and once you did I’m sure you’ll get what you need. It’s best to follow spaces that are same with yours and your content.

โ€ข Treat your blog as a space.

– This will make you comfortable in writing, it will let your nervousness come out from that, and it’ll help you make better contents. I mean, like a diary.

It will be your freedom so you won’t just find your internet website but also your home.

โ€ข Know your Passion and Fashion in writing.

– What’s this thing/s you love? You’re answer shall be the things you’ll write or put there in your blog.

Is it articles?

Is it poetry?

Is it essays?

Or proses?

Or what?

Once you know it to yourself, then you can freely express it because you’re confident that it’s what you want. Don’t do things that you’re not into because there’s a big possibility for failure, like me who once tried to be in making articles, not as in it failed but I found that it’s not maybe for me and I’m not good enough to make ’em excellently.

Know your passion and fashion!

โ€ข As I’ve said : Use categories or tags in making post.

– When there are categories and tags in your posts it’s easier for other bloggers or people to find your work, they may search and when it matched to your categories or tags, then that post of yours will appear at the results.

There are maybe bloggers who don’t know where it can be found (I also don’t know this before, trust me). Click on the post settings and there you’ll found the words โ€œcategoryโ€ and โ€œtagsโ€, click that then add it to where you want it to add.

If it’s heartbreak, sadness, love, trust, happiness, or whatnot.

If it’s under poetry, essay, article, prose, or whatnot.

โ€ข Add featured image and graphics to your posts if you can.

– These things aren’t just designs because it also encourage readers to read your content because once it contains some graphics, they will see that it’s full of effort and done with crafts.

Make sure that your featured image is related with the topic. To those who don’t know how to add graphics, you can check on the internet or Pinterest, search for the different kinds of designs you may like to put. This will probably call interest for readers to check and read your work.

โ€ข Use any social media platforms .

– This is a step to help your blog reach more people, it’s a way to let others visit your works or site even if they aren’t WordPress users or bloggers.

By this, you can encourage ’em to read your pieces and to grow your traffic and influence at the same time.

โ€ข Enable Reblog Button.

– There are some bloggers who reblog other blogger’s written work/s though most of us don’t. Once a โ€œRebloggerโ€ saw that particular content on your blog and they got the idea of Reblogging it, so at least they can, that’s why this is a must-do step ’cause it’s also a way to gain followers, readers, motivation ,and inspiration for you as a writer .

There’s nothing to worry about because once your work was reblogged, there’s always a credit to your name and it will be displayed up there. So it will never be a problem.

โ€ข Enable sharing button.

– Almost all of us uses social media (but I already lost my interests in it, though I still have twitter and Instagram it’s kinda boring so my accounts are less in content). If you’re site will be visited by some, they liked it and mind of sharing it to their social media accounts, so they can because you enabled the button.

That’s it!

So to those that thinks they’re not that good bloggers, sorry to y’all because you’re good and you can be better!

The above advices are the things I’ve learned while being in this journey for about almost four months,and that’s also the things you can own and use to excel more. I hope it’ll help!

Again I want to say that everything takes time, there’s no such thing as in โ€œbest โ€. Just work hard and put all your efforts in it and at the right time, you’ll get what you deserve.

I am very much honored to participate in this, in a way like I feel so much appreciated because there are some people or bloggers who trusts in me and in my ability that’s why they think that I can give motivation to many. It’s my gratitude to take on this pleasure.

Now, I want you all to know that we can share knowledge in our own ways, we can always motivate other bloggers or people through our experiences and thoughts, so this time I would like to nominate whoever reading this! This is a random nomination so please participate and help, that’s a request! Thanks for joining me.


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