4th Blogging Monthsary + Life Updates

It’s been four days ago since I published my very last blog post which is “ The Real Neat blog Award ”…

I missed a lot, I missed writing, publishing, my blog, and you guys of course! 😭

Anyway, I have a lot of things to tell so we’ll be bonding with lots of talk-about. It’s nice to be back! Well, I think some of you are wondering why I idled for such that four days and only had this time to write again and that’ll be no worries because I’ll tell them all.

As I’ve said from my last last last last + last post, I’ll be on indefinite hiatus because of school and yes, that hiatus happened but here I am again. Happened the very first week of my new school year, I became so much busy that I can’t anymore manage to find some free time, our teachers already gave us a lot of things to be done including assignments, research, as well as reports 😓 (with that emoji!) I only fail my very first reporting ’cause that wasn’t the only thing I have to do when I was at that night, there’s my other assignments to accomplish and I also prepared something for our class, Yes, I am again the elected President of our class which I honestly don’t want to because when I became the President last year, it was a nightmare for me. I really got frustrated with that failure like I was embarrassed in front of my classmates and my teacher and that’s a big deduction for me. I never told anyone ’bout this thing except to y’all but I just then made myself optimistic, I moved on, and think that that reporting isn’t my last. Huh! Really traumatic, I lost my confidence and esteem in speaking but that doesn’t mean I’ll give up, when I was at my lower grade in high-school, reporting and speaking was the things I love in school so ok, I’ll deal with the challenge.

With that updates, it’s obvious that I’m in extreme stress. I think more upcoming difficult experiences are about to come as days pass so I shall be prepared and be better than I am, weekends are just really my escape but not.

Except from that, I also received something bad and displeasing, I mean disgusting word from one of the teachers in my school. He my former subject teacher but I don’t think that he deserve my respect. Heck!. When we are inside the computer laboratory, he told a joke (not even a joke I think) he said that he will give me an award and that’s the award of loyalty because maybe I still picked the same school but except from that, he also said that he’ll give me an award of being “Pabibo” , the word is new and not familiar, Right? Well, that’s an almost modern Filipino word which means to act like you know something though you don’t and you only want to amaze people with the things you can’t really do. I mean, that was rude and hurtful. When I’m in school I always make sure that I act naturally and innocently, I don’t even participate very much at discussions and try hard just to get that High grades, Oh my! Cause what for? I don’t have to make things harsh just to reach that super high grades. Is he a teacher? Or just almost an illiterate-acting person? Both! Especially, my classmates laugh at that and that’s no good for me. I never spoke and I just then laughed at it like everything’s fine.

So he think he can get away from me, sorry to him cause I’ll write about what he did, just a short, simple narrative that will surely against him. Don’t play games with me. Is he ready? Haha!

Because of what happened, I’ll dance this choreography and sing “ Look what you made me do ”.

🎶 “ Oh! Look what you made me do, look what you made me do,look what you just made me do, look what you just made me do! ”🐍🐍🐍 🎶

Don’t you guys know that I love that steps? And now you know.


Just another update, I got 164 monthly viewers on Pinterest as my social media platform in just one month! I know that’s only a very small thing cause there are other users who could get 50-100k viewers, Yah! But for me, that’s something to celebrate. I guess, Pinterest is the most reliable and easy to use platform so I recommend it and I hope you’ll be using it too.

Follow me!

Now, if you are wonderin’ how to convert it into a platform, I’ll be answerin’ them all. Just comment down and ok, I’ll give you my responses . No worries! 🙂

From that long talk, looks like we’re forgetting something.

Happy fourth blogging monthsary!

Supposedly, this should be celebrated this past June 06 but because I’m super busy, I wasn’t able to write. Sorry for the delay but let’s look back, Can we? Alright!


• Wise-words Monday ☑
• I wrote narrative /short proses.

• I gain more followers, readers, likers, commentators, what more?

• I was tagged several times.

• I received different awards!

• I met new people

• I found friends

• Better blogging experiences.

Things that happened are just so sweet and worth making celebration, isn’t it?

I am expecting nothing more this new month because I have nothing to wish at all, they’re all fulfilled. Everything are just priceless for me and they’re ineffable.

Ok, done with the celebration, let’s now move to the next thing to tell, Since my School just started and I have to put more efforts than usual, I’ll be on a weekly hiatus so that means I will not update anything during weekdays and will only do during weekends like this. So I’ll always miss you all especially those co-bloggers who are close to me and treating me as their friend and I also treat as friend.

By the way, I updated my new blog icon and here it is:

Again, Nice to be back!

Any questions? Click on the comment section!


19 thoughts on “4th Blogging Monthsary + Life Updates

  1. We missed you too! We understand that school must come before blogging! 😉 I am sorry to hear what your teacher said, that was unkind.😞😉 The best thing you can do is not pay any attention and do your best to always be the opposite of what they are accusing you of. 😃😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so so much Lizzy!
      This comment gives my lips genuine smile. I’m glad that you guys also know the same thing.
      Huh, yes very disappointing, he really have that attitude but it’s obviously abusive. I really hate what happened..
      Also thanks for the inspiration and motivation 🙂


      1. Thank you so much.
        Anyway, I know myself more than he do. ..
        Just as he’s like so illiterate for showing me such the attitude.
        Don’t like it so I’m excited for what will be my post against him. Haha

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!
      Yazz, I started 4 months ago.
      Don’t yah worry, you’ll also hit that number of followers, or maybe higher than that. Who knows? 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yahh! That frustrates me also. You’re right that they shall support student but he just really have that attitude. Honestly, there are numbers of students in school that are annoyed with him but alright, I’ve let that pass because I don’t give damn shits. Haha

      Huh, we don’t really know people.
      Thanks for the last words 🙂


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