The Social Media Blog Tag | 3rd Tag

Peeps! Guess what? I was tagged again for this one.

So I was tagged by Wamby from and this is strongly a compliment, I am most thankful to her. It’s not the same with other tags like you’ll be answering questions or telling things about yourself, this kind of tag is only a process of recieving and giving.

You’ll be tagged and you will also tag other bloggers but it’s not as easy and simple as that,

By this tag, you’ll know how’s your blog and writings for other people and also at this tag, you’ll give appreciation as well.


  • Thank the blogger who tagged you
  • Choose a blogger or blog to nominate for each category and explain why you chose them
  • Tag other bloggers ( as many as you like )

Categories :


A blog with a design you love

Mary Anonuevo- This gal who’s one of my co-bloggers is just full of efforts in making and publishing posts. I love her graphics which are the watercolour florals, her featured images, and the way she changes her blog designs. It wasn’t over-designed though ’cause it’s just right. She’s the person who taught me how to remove the plain look to my blog especially for my life updates. Shall Visit! Here!


A blog with a friendly blogger

Lizzy- I’m telling you guys, that this co-blogger of me is just one of the most friendly people I know , she’s supportive, really trustworthy, and someone who can give you comfort at your frustrating times. I’m so comfortable with Lizzy and she’s that type of person whom you can easily get along with.

So if you want her also to be your friend. Meet her.


A blogger who could write 140 characters and you would still love them

Manessah B. – Well, Manessah is also one of my friends here in my blogging world, If you guys are wonderin’about her writings, they’re poems that are so lovely! Like how Wamby look at my posts, that’s also the way I look at Manessah’s skill in writing. Elite. Chech her here!

Ricardo Sexton-I really admire this blog that focuses on poems or poetry, to make it precise. I was amazed ’cause he has 4 000+ followers ,this is a growing blog. Love the poems, words are too strong and I’m none of his level. Applause. In this!


A blog which keeps you entertained

Wamby-Sorry but I have to do this. Haha.

I just love this blog of her ’cause it’s very energetic and you can never see things of sadness in here unlike my blog. Lol. Nothing, just love it especially her last line for every of her post that gives fun and maybe laughter if you’ll be seeing it for the first time. Check it out!


A blogger who’s updates you can’t wait for

Ragazza Triste- Yahh! Whenever I get back in blogging, I always make sure to check her blog if there’s a new post or update. Her post are all well-crafted, really amazing, uncertain, and something that people like me can relate. She’s also supportive for other bloggers and not that selfish kind that she post things to advertise other people’s blog. Yupp! A friend.

Check her out too. Click!


A blog which is very diverse and has variety

Jasper from jasperblogss- She’s also one of my first co-bloggers when I was just a starter 3 months ago (Am I just right?)

Well, she posts about her faves, skincare routine, playlists, travel, kitchen recipes and more.

To find more about her, go open it!


A blog which is full of creativity and inspiration

Ria- This blog from Ria that’s just really creative. Poems where you can relate yourself ,talking about life and different things that are about and part of life. Her sketches that are so lovely and something I can never do. She was also there during my dark time when I was in frustration, she raised me up, inspired and motivated me through her words.

To have yourself at that blog. Check this!

Well, if you’re curious what social-media site is this that I got from Wamby…it’s Twitter. 😍

She gave me the things about my blog/writings and how’s it for her. And I was so glad and felt appreciated by the words.

Super overwhelming!
This is just an effortless tag but honestly, I had a hard time choosing them but I know that they deserve it. I really enjoy describing their blogs as and I hope you’ll be checking ’em out.

I’d also like to tag anyone who’s reading it, you can now pick your best choice of blogs and bloggers. Love lots!


22 thoughts on “The Social Media Blog Tag | 3rd Tag

    1. Very welcome,
      Enjoy doing it !
      I know that you visit all our posts ’cause you’re always there supporting us.
      I’d also like to say thank you for that 🙂


  1. OK WHY AM I ONLY SEEING THIS NOW?? I literally had NO TIME for anything but school and food during the past days sooooo yeah 😂 Btw Thanks for nominating me!!! Aww I’m so honored to receive all of those awesome compliments 😊 I didn’t know I inspired someone in my life ❤ LOVE this post a lot, Mark! So excited to do this! ❤❤❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, I totally agree. School is really bruhh. Hate it a lot.
      But, have fun doing that.
      And I guess, you haven’t saw it. That’s not my only nomination for you. I also did at the “Versatile Award” which is the very first recognition I received. Gonna give you the link.

      Liked by 1 person

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