I was so confused lately. Messed up. I don’t know what I feel. I couldn’t predict my heart and I couldn’t read my mind. The same question played and tricked me day and night, Do I still love you ? Quitely no, not at all but I was too wrong, I thought, I gave the exact and accurate answer to myself but I didn’t.

I can’t let go of the pain but ’til when ? Until when I’ll be carrying this and add to my burdens ? Once I totally forgot you ? There’s a lot of certain questions that need your responses. I am so frustrated by this, I am so fractured. I can’t understand why there’s really no tears but your name is still the callings. It’s you, you’re the person in every beat of my heart. It’s you, the reason of this ache, ’til now.

Saw you on picture and I found it all out. Saw what I’ve written on a page of my note and I felt the chills. Still can’t get over, still can’t move forward. When is this time I’ll get myself. Again ?

I’m exhausted by all of my pieces. I’m tired of using my pen and paper and grief and ideas and words. Should I now stop ? ‘Cause I’m drowning if you haven’t ask.

The confusion was over, you’re still my world and I’m still the stranger of your life.

That’s it, that’s only it.


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