New Blog Created

Hello lovely people!

How are you guys doing?

I think, you guys are surprised ’cause I wrote this post and this broke what I said before I leave.

But okay here I am, bringing something.

This will be just a short post ’cause I’ll only promote something. Some of you might already know about this but maybe some don’t so okay, when I started my hiatus, I came to make a wise decision and guess what…

That’s to create and start another blog/website. I hope you guys can support it again like how y’all did with this one, with my first blog.

If you don’t mind you can check and follow that in this adress :

That’s still me okay? Nothing will change, that will also be the place where you guys can be a part of my life and read some of my writings.

So about this first website I had, this will be already an inactive blog, after this, you’ll heard nothing at all so you guys can already unfollow it but I’ll never delete it on the net ’cause there are still some writings here I consider important.

Alright, that’s it. Thanks y’all


Xx, Thony


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