New Blog Created

Hello lovely people!

How are you guys doing?

I think, you guys are surprised ’cause I wrote this post and this broke what I said before I leave.

But okay here I am, bringing something.

This will be just a short post ’cause I’ll only promote something. Some of you might already know about this but maybe some don’t so okay, when I started my hiatus, I came to make a wise decision and guess what…

That’s to create and start another blog/website. I hope you guys can support it again like how y’all did with this one, with my first blog.

If you don’t mind you can check and follow that in this adress :

That’s still me okay? Nothing will change, that will also be the place where you guys can be a part of my life and read some of my writings.

So about this first website I had, this will be already an inactive blog, after this, you’ll heard nothing at all so you guys can already unfollow it but I’ll never delete it on the net ’cause there are still some writings here I consider important.

Alright, that’s it. Thanks y’all


Xx, Thony


Blogging Updates | Sudden and Unknown Hiatus

I shouldn’t be posting this, I should be talking about my life either being a student or as a social media user, I should’ve write about my struggles in school, about how I advertise my blog through platforms on the cyber world but here I am, writing for the unexpected.

I want you all to know that something bad happened and I really hate it. Days ago, I changed my site’s name, I read all the instructions, reminders, or whatnot that was there before I made my choice but sadly, I also lost a lot of followers, from 550 people, it dropped to only 51 of you and that’s so disappointing, I couldn’t really believe and until now I have the same feeling. I really lost my interest because of that accident, I really cried, I really did.

I was just on Twitter that time when I was trying to confirm such the problem. I messaged Steph ,well she’s known as Ragazza Triste here in blogosphere. I told her what happened to my blog and she said that it’ll be back ’cause she know someone who already had the same case, I was relieved and ’til now I’m waiting if it will be really fixed by WP. I also contacted Worpress team to tell me about this but they don’t respond yet, I hope they can reach me out ASAP.

I posted my Tweet at my IG story and Wamby replied to that, I was thankful she were there, at least I have someone to talk to. I told here every single part of the story and she checked my blog out, as expected there was an error at the result, she told me.

But despite of that, I was comforted at that time. And how I wish I could reach other bloggers especially my missing followers to seek for help.

I really feel so hopeless, I mean, I worked so hard for such that follower count and they only faded away so quick. It was my fault, I never knew what might happen but it already happened. How can I fix this?

It came to the point that I concluded that maybe blogging isn’t for me and I feel so hopeless, I feel so disappointed and hurt until now, but I’m trying to figure it out, I’m still trying to be positive whether it’s not honestly easy.

For now, I decided to put blogging aside for a while. Yes, I’ll go on a hiatus, and maybe that will take one month, or who knows? Maybe even months. I’ll first keep all the ideas I was hoping to publish here before and leave my blog open for visitors, keep my content set but inactive. But I know I’ll be back once I’m ready. I’m totally sure with that. Totally.

Maybe I will first focus on studies and just expose myself to other people online. Just reach me out if you want to talk with me through social media. I really need you all.

For now, my mind is filled with nothing but air, I just want to move on and forget this another failure I unintentionally did.

I’m only 6 months away before my blogiversay, I though I could celebrate that with 1 thousand followers but unfortunately, I maybe won’t.


Just continue with what you’re all doing people and I know that you guys know that I love you all and I won’t forget you, and I also hope you guys won’t forget me too. Xx.


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And suddenly, I was lost in the moment.

Don’t know where to be find.

Darkness came.

It was the time of depression that swallowed me.

Betrayed, estimated, bloodsucked, and fooled,

Things matched with my name.

Then I felt something so wrong.

It was my downfall.

I lost everything, I lost myself.

They were gone, unexpectedly.

I was gone.

There’s no way out. No way.

I was almost dying.

No one has to save me. No one.

I was almost not cured.

I kneeled for no good reason. No good reason.


I pretended that I can. And maybe I really could.


I was also back. With twisted boom and vengeance.

Self-criticism of a Writer

You write, And nothing’s special.

Look at yourself, You think you’re good? Who told you that you are? You’re not potent. Yes, you aren’t. You’re only dramatic. You’re just full of execration. You’re so talentless. You’re not enough. People will never choose you.


I pity you. You share nothing. What you do aren’t impressive. Apparently not. You’re just a trash. Your pieces just deserves to be rumpled. You’re words are redundant and irrelevant, extraneous and impertinent . They won’t see anything in you. And they will never choose you.


You’re just a quite and big dismay. You’re only nothing.

So stop making things you can’t really do. Hypocrite.

The Perfidious

You once wounded me with a rusty knife.

I never knew you could do.

And now I forgot how to trust. I learned.

My body’s crimson red fluid was mixed with dirt. Bad Blood running through my nerves.

My poisoned heart pumps ’em.

There’s nothing else you can do.

You can never clean the mess you gave.

I’m not my old self anymore.

Everything in me had alter.

Because of you.

“ Buwan ng Wika ” Tag Challenge | 5th Tag | Tricycle

(Note to all non-Filipino bloggers : All words in this post will be written in Filipino, and I will give no Translation because this Tag will give focus with the language of the country Philippines in celebration of “Buwan ng wika”.)

“ Ang hinde marunong magmahal sa sariling wika, ay higit pa sa hayop at malansang isda. ”

-Dr. Jose Rizal (pambansang bayani ng Pilipinas)

Tuwing Agosto ang BUWAN NG WIKA ay pinagdidiriwang sa Pilipinas taon taon… Kaya ang ( “BUWAN NG WIKA TAG CHALLENGE”), ay isang pag-alala sa CELEBRASYON NG KAPANGANAKAN ng WIKANG TAGALOG na ginagamit ng mga Pilipino.

Mga Patakaran :

  • Pasalamatan ang nag-anyaya sa’yo sa patimpalak na ito.
  • Gumawa ka ng kwento , mensahe at kung ano pa , naka depende sa’yo kung ito ay mahaba , o maikli, basta dapat puro TAGALOG NA WIKA lang ang gagamitin.
  • Mag-aanyaya ng mga kaibigan na PINOY, MAY DUGONG PINOY, PUSONG PINOY. Basta, marunong silang magsulat at magbasa ng WIKANG TAGALOG.

Bago ang lahat, nais kong magpa-salamat kay M, ang nag mamayari ng blog na nagngangalang Maria JPR sa pagta-tag sa’kin para sa patimpalak na ito. Ito ay isa sa aking mga karangalan para mag-sulat gamit ang sariling wika. 🙂


Ni Mark Anthony Santiago

Hinde ko ba alam kung bakit minsan kapag sumasakay ako sa tricycle, may kaba akong nadarama, siguro dala lang ng aking mga guni-guni at mapag-larong isipan. Siguro nga masyado lang akong nag-iisip ng kung ano-ano, kung ga’no ba kahaba ang daanang tatahakin, kung anong klaseng kalsada ba ang madadaanan, kung ano ba ang pwedeng mangayari, o kung ano ba ang pwedeng kaharapin.

Pero patuloy lang ang arangkada.

Habang patuloy ang pag-andar, wala akong ideya kung may ibang pasahero ba ang sasakay, mga pasaherong hinde ko kakilala, hinde ko alam ang mga pag-uugali, at maging ang mga gawi. May ibang tao na maaring makisakay at palipatin ako sa mas mababang puwesto, mayroon din namang ilan na papananatilihin ako sa aking kinalalagyan, gagawing patas ang lahat, at sasamahan ako hanggang ako’y makarating sa aking paroroonan.

At patuloy lang ang arangkada.

Madaming bagay ang maaring magka-totoo, walang kasiguraduhan ang mga pangyayari, maari nalang akong maaksidente ng biglaan, mabutas at mawalan ng hangin ang gulong ng tricycle, tumirik, o ‘di kaya’y maubusan ng gasolina si manong driver habang nasa kalagitnaan ng biyahe. Blangkado ang aking isipan.

Nakakatakot. Wala akong tiwala sa tadhana. Walang-wala.

Ngunit ganoon pa man, ititiwala ko nalang ang lahat kay kuyang namamasada, siya na nagpapatakbo ng lahat, ang Diyos.

At patuloy lang ang arangkada…

Ng aking buhay.

Aking nominasyon :

Mary Joy, nagmamay-ari ng blog na nagngangalang

Triste, nagmamay-ari ng blog na nagngangalang

Thebluearty, nagmamay-ari ng blog na nagngangalang

Knitted thoughts, nagmamay-ari ng blog na nagngangalang

Sweat Thoughts, nagmamay-ari ng blog na nagngangalang

Da huntress Nica, nagmamay-ari ng blog na nagngangalang

Spacekoto, nagmamay-ari ng blog na nagngangalang

adBontures, nagmamay-ari ng blog na nagngangalang, nagmamay-ari ng blog na nagngangalang

Ang aking imaginary girlfriend, nagmamayari ng blog na nagngangalang

A heart that remembers, nagmamay-ari ng blog na nagngangalang

At ikaw, kung marunong kang magsulat gamit ang wikang Filipino, gawin mo ito para saating pagkakakilanlan. 🙂

Sa aking anim na buwan ng pagsusulat dito sa aking blog, ‘di ko pa nagagamit ang Filipino, lahat ng aking mga ginagawa ay nasa wikang Ingles at kahit naiisip kong gumawa ng mga Tagalog na prosa at tula, hinde natutuloy ang bagay na iyon, pero muli salamat kay M dahil ngayon nagawa ko na ang bagay na ‘yan at alam kung itutuloy ko pa. Ating ipagmalaki ang ating yaman at huwag na huwag itong ikahiya. 🙂

At sa aking mga Co-Filipino Bloggers, “ Maligayang Buwan ng Wika sa inyong lahat! ” .

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The Awesome Blogger Award | 9th Nomination

Hey, hey, hey Lovely people! Boys and gals!

I’ve been so dizzy this past weeks and I hope you guys know that, well now you already do. Ha-ha. If you’re going to ask for the reasons, that’s because I’m referring to the week of our examination and I know that you all know how crazily frustrating that is.

Soo what’s next?

People. I was nominated again for an award ! ( I’m honestly yelling 😂 ).

This award was given to me weeks ago by our gorgeous sister and friend as well, Mary Añonuevo from OMG Ryry so a big thanks to her. I think, you guys shall really click that highlighted blog name, you’ll make no regrets. Sister Ry can make you smile, laugh a little, and cry, I’m sincerely telling y’all. 🙂

Disappointingly, this is the only time I can make it but don’t yah worry, we’ll gonna have fun.

The Awesome Blogger Award was originally created by Maggie from Dreaming of Guatemala. This is an award for the absolutely wonderful writers all across the blogging world. They have beautiful blogs, are kind and lovely, and always find a way to add happiness and laughter to the lives of their readers. That is what truly defines an awesome blogger.


♥ Thank the person who nominated you.
♥ Include the reason for the award.
♥ Include the award banner in your post.
♥ Tag it under #awesomebloggeraward.
♥ Answer the questions you were given.
♥ Nominate at least five other awesome bloggers.
♥ Give your nominees ten questions to answer
♥ Let your nominees know!


♥ What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

– I literally grab my phone and abruptly turn it on to check all my notifs. Across my social media accounts. I once said that blogging is my only social but because I need my platforms, I created them (haha, gonna give you all the links later.) Well, I have Twitter, Tumblr, and IG but I don’t anymore use Facebook, except for project-purposes ,that’s the only time I open my Fb to post the things I made for my grade/s.

♥ Your current favorite song?

God is A woman By Ariana Grande. But I don’t think, that song gives me and my mind something. You guys know me, right?

Nothing compares Taylor Swift in writing and composing songs. The meaningful ones.

♥ Crush from a book or movie? Why?

-Haha, someone from Riverdale, Riverdale which is a movie I haven’t watched yet.


I’m not into reading books and watching so many movies. But I found someone on Twitter Months months months, I don’t know how many months ago but it really makes me sad, hopeless, crying, destructed, devastated!

But if I’ll look at the positive side, I would say, it gives me the ability and the inspiration as well as motivation to write. Haha.

( Clue: Model, ticked, half Filipino, half Italian, tall, has wide eyes, cute teeth, and a YouTube Vlogger)

See how I convert that person into my silly words.

Here I am again 😭😭

(Don’t tell anyone about this. 🙊😂 )

♥ Tell a secret (this is my fave)

– Is this a confession?

But wait, I need to be honest, I guess.

• I have some photos of blahblahblah from that movie, Riverdale.

•And “ONLY” 3114 photos of that 25 years old model👆👆 and if you’re going to check my phone, you’ll see there a separated folder only for……

(Also, don’t share it with someone 🙊😂 )

•Okay, I am somewhere In the rainbow 🌈 but I never chose to be it either. Things are given for a reason and I can’t understand why some people need to step on me like I’m nothing but one day I’ll step on them anyway. So why should I care so much about that stupid, illiterate shits?

I don’t want to be hypocrite so Trust me, I’m Kind to those who are kind but I’m indignant to those people who don’t know how to spell the word “Respect ”.

♥ What was the most embarrasing moment that happened to you yesterday?

– It didn’t happen yesterday but days ago, I got the partial grade of 87 in Filipino. I wasn’t really expecting to get 90 ’cause I know how I’m working in school this counting year. I decided not to put much effort but I think, that’s embarrassing ’cause some of my classmates might think I’m not good enough. Oh damn!

♥ Why do you think you’re an amazing human being?

– Well I believe, each of us contains unique characteristic/s and having that, I could say that I’m an amazing human being, not because I’m the best but because I’m genuine. So like me for me And I, thank you.

Seriously. Without me, you might not reading this ’cause nobody wrote it down. This blog might not exist. And maybe you never met Thony. 😉

♥ 3 things from your bucketlist.

• Reach Paris and New York

• Be a Lawyer and a Known Blogger/Writer

•Give this site a plan (before anything else.)

♥ Look behind you. What did you see first?

– Uhmm, Curtains and they’re color blue. 😂

♥ What motivational message would you tell yourself if you were a different person?

– This one is hard.

“ Hey you, I know that you’re life is not permanently always in happiness, you’re going through bad times most of the time. There could be these things that might bring you down but you’re a fighter, okay?

If you want something then work for that, never let other people pull you down. Don’t let them dictate you or judge you either. Their words won’t measure your success.

You have God by your side. Remember that.

In this world full of people holding guns, hold a knife for at least you will never lose any bullet. ”

Just the preamble, one main idea, and a punch line. 😂

♥ What are your thoughts about blog designing? Do you find it hard to do it? How do you know if it’s “the one” already? (I really want to know!)

– Le’me Think.

For now, I think it’s enough but I don’t find it hard to make. Blogs are dynamic, it’s changing so I may change the dasigns anytime.

It’s fun answering all them and I’m not greedy especially in allowing other bloggers to also do things like this so I want you guys to have the same feeling as mine. Let’s give it a random nomination ’cause I always find it hard choosing bloggers to be nominated since we all deserve it. Feel free to use the same questions that are given to me. 🙂

To whoever reading this, please consider yourself nominated, you deserve it so have fun and enjoy !

How was your weekend?

Will you do this award?

Follow Ryry. Okay?

Let’s talk and tell me a story.

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Power of Music

It sings for my ears. But it talks to my heart. It shakes me by my fears. And shoots me like board of a dart.

It brings back all the memories. And wakes me up of things I can’t find. It’s not my happiness. Why I feel like I’m blind?

But I don’t want to stop this melancholy. Even though I am so trap. I’d rather burst totally. Instead of fooling myself by bluff.

Lyrics is heartache. Tune is heartbreak. My emotion is not fake. My mind is in earthquake.

It’s painful. It’s kinda tragic. It’s playful. The power of music.

Bare Feet Gal

Rain was falling as she stare on the window.

She stepped into the soaked road and grasses with bare feet,

Her hair, her whole body got wet.

She walked as she hugs herself in the coldness.

She cried, freely. Nobody could see the tears.

She ran and ran, pursuing the way to escape.

She danced, unpredictably. Nobody could see her moves.

And looking up, she watched the clouds go lighter as the rain falls heavier.

Her feet, her hands, her eyes was washed.

Grief and despair was gone.

Suddenly. She’s done with the pain.

Finally. Her heart and memory. The sky was clean.

The Writer, Unknown

I am fragile.

I am fractured.

I am torn.

I am broken.

But with all that, gave me the power to use my paper slips and ink.

I write down what I feel.

And now, I’m drowning with words. Magic arises.

My mind is full of ideas.

Madness, anger, insanity all broke down into tiny pieces as I convert them into art.

My eyes stops from crying.

My heart stops from bleeding.

And my soul runs away from all the mess that sorrounded me once.

Unstoppable. Unpredictable. Pain is inevitable. But I escape. Alone.

I am. The writer, Unknown.