Bare Feet Gal

Rain was falling as she stare on the window.

She stepped into the soaked road and grasses with bare feet,

Her hair, her whole body got wet.

She walked as she hugs herself in the coldness.

She cried, freely. Nobody could see the tears.

She ran and ran, pursuing the way to escape.

She danced, unpredictably. Nobody could see her moves.

And looking up, she watched the clouds go lighter as the rain falls heavier.

Her feet, her hands, her eyes was washed.

Grief and despair was gone.

Suddenly. She’s done with the pain.

Finally. Her heart and memory. The sky was clean.


Questions from the Messed-up Heart

Why do we need to fall in love if it brings nothing but pain?

If it brings heavy weight to carry?

If it leads to late nights of crying and tears?

If it locks us in a cage of hidden feelings and darkness?

Why do we need to fall in love and be broken?

To be torn?

To be hurt?

To be alone?

Why do we need to fall in love with the person who can never love us back?

And believe at things which ain’t true?

And look at the most impossible possibilities?

And think of chances that will never ever come?

Why do we need to fall in love for no good reason?


Why to fall for nothing?


I’m bored of waiting for his show-up. As I’m standing under this tall tree, I’m crying in silence and in the most quite manner. The cold droplets of rain fall now.

I don’t know why I want to leave.

Maybe because of pain,

Maybe because I’m tired,

Maybe because of cruel people, or

Just maybe because of unexplainable reasons. Unmentionables.

I want to fly away, away from all this grief, and switch another life in happiness.

I’m in tragedy, tragedy that happens all the time. I want to unlock the door of escaping but I can’t.

Only him can save and remove the chain that limits my hands and me. If he’ll only know how much I need him.

“ Fly as fast as you can and take me! ”

I can’t see his appearance, he’s maybe not my savior.

It suddenly goes in my mind that he’s only a fictional character that’s not true and will never be true. I’m waiting for nothing.

I only have myself, and the only possibility is in it.


Here I am again in my lonely world, finding some console while playing and lending my ears to lullaby ditties which weakens my body and makes me drowsy.

The tone flashes back all the things that hurted me and the lyrics talks and asks me to be stronger and to be better everyday.

I can feel the weight inside and the feeling in my heart, I guess my eyes will never be dry.

As I’m thinking deeply, someone showed up. What I can see is a messy persona, that the eyes are irritated and reddish, that the hair wasn’t brushed and the face is gloomy.

I watched the tears fall and had a long look on the unbrilliant visage and countenance. I look down on the lips, I can see that it tries to bend a little and form a shape of happiness ,it tries to smile on me. The persona that I can see encourages me to never give up and carry it all but I think, I can’t anymore take it, I can’t anymore pretend to be alright, I can’t anymore prove that I’m strong ’cause I’m tired.

I give one more look and there I saw myself. I realized that it was me whom I can see and had a look on.

I remember, I stood up and face myself in the mirror, tried to lift it all up.

I changed my mind and decided to keep on going a little more.