Bare Feet Gal

Rain was falling as she stare on the window.

She stepped into the soaked road and grasses with bare feet,

Her hair, her whole body got wet.

She walked as she hugs herself in the coldness.

She cried, freely. Nobody could see the tears.

She ran and ran, pursuing the way to escape.

She danced, unpredictably. Nobody could see her moves.

And looking up, she watched the clouds go lighter as the rain falls heavier.

Her feet, her hands, her eyes was washed.

Grief and despair was gone.

Suddenly. She’s done with the pain.

Finally. Her heart and memory. The sky was clean.


The Writer, Unknown

I am fragile.

I am fractured.

I am torn.

I am broken.

But with all that, gave me the power to use my paper slips and ink.

I write down what I feel.

And now, I’m drowning with words. Magic arises.

My mind is full of ideas.

Madness, anger, insanity all broke down into tiny pieces as I convert them into art.

My eyes stops from crying.

My heart stops from bleeding.

And my soul runs away from all the mess that sorrounded me once.

Unstoppable. Unpredictable. Pain is inevitable. But I escape. Alone.

I am. The writer, Unknown.


You’re screaming but they can’t hear.

You’re drowning but they can’t descry.

With people in hideous,

No one cares about your tears.

No one cares about your cries.

No one cares about your pain.

Only you and you can save yourself away from that distress.


At my Cup of Coffee

We all have pain, Who don’t, Right?

The pain that we always keep and and try to convert into smiles most of the time that we feel it. It’s complicated to cover that smile on our lips especially if ain’t true, but we shall.

I hope someday, somebody there will understand, will listen, and will take all the grief away.

At night, I could feel it but it seems like my eyes are dry and there’s no tears to cry but when the morning comes, it seems like the feeling is stronger and I want to express it all out but I can’t. I will wake myself into the sunshine of reality and then sip my cup of coffee. At every sweetness that coats my tongue, gives me hope of tomorrow and at every bitterness that changes the taste, reminds me of despair and nothingness.

Every sunshine and sunsets are part of the cycle, I walk at the same thing that happens over and over again.

I smile, I laugh, I tears, I cry, I’m in silence, I’m in noise, I’m in miserableness. Drama will never stop.