The Awesome Blogger Award | 9th Nomination

Hey, hey, hey Lovely people! Boys and gals!

I’ve been so dizzy this past weeks and I hope you guys know that, well now you already do. Ha-ha. If you’re going to ask for the reasons, that’s because I’m referring to the week of our examination and I know that you all know how crazily frustrating that is.

Soo what’s next?

People. I was nominated again for an award ! ( I’m honestly yelling 😂 ).

This award was given to me weeks ago by our gorgeous sister and friend as well, Mary Añonuevo from OMG Ryry so a big thanks to her. I think, you guys shall really click that highlighted blog name, you’ll make no regrets. Sister Ry can make you smile, laugh a little, and cry, I’m sincerely telling y’all. 🙂

Disappointingly, this is the only time I can make it but don’t yah worry, we’ll gonna have fun.

The Awesome Blogger Award was originally created by Maggie from Dreaming of Guatemala. This is an award for the absolutely wonderful writers all across the blogging world. They have beautiful blogs, are kind and lovely, and always find a way to add happiness and laughter to the lives of their readers. That is what truly defines an awesome blogger.


♥ Thank the person who nominated you.
♥ Include the reason for the award.
♥ Include the award banner in your post.
♥ Tag it under #awesomebloggeraward.
♥ Answer the questions you were given.
♥ Nominate at least five other awesome bloggers.
♥ Give your nominees ten questions to answer
♥ Let your nominees know!


♥ What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

– I literally grab my phone and abruptly turn it on to check all my notifs. Across my social media accounts. I once said that blogging is my only social but because I need my platforms, I created them (haha, gonna give you all the links later.) Well, I have Twitter, Tumblr, and IG but I don’t anymore use Facebook, except for project-purposes ,that’s the only time I open my Fb to post the things I made for my grade/s.

♥ Your current favorite song?

God is A woman By Ariana Grande. But I don’t think, that song gives me and my mind something. You guys know me, right?

Nothing compares Taylor Swift in writing and composing songs. The meaningful ones.

♥ Crush from a book or movie? Why?

-Haha, someone from Riverdale, Riverdale which is a movie I haven’t watched yet.


I’m not into reading books and watching so many movies. But I found someone on Twitter Months months months, I don’t know how many months ago but it really makes me sad, hopeless, crying, destructed, devastated!

But if I’ll look at the positive side, I would say, it gives me the ability and the inspiration as well as motivation to write. Haha.

( Clue: Model, ticked, half Filipino, half Italian, tall, has wide eyes, cute teeth, and a YouTube Vlogger)

See how I convert that person into my silly words.

Here I am again 😭😭

(Don’t tell anyone about this. 🙊😂 )

♥ Tell a secret (this is my fave)

– Is this a confession?

But wait, I need to be honest, I guess.

• I have some photos of blahblahblah from that movie, Riverdale.

•And “ONLY” 3114 photos of that 25 years old model👆👆 and if you’re going to check my phone, you’ll see there a separated folder only for……

(Also, don’t share it with someone 🙊😂 )

•Okay, I am somewhere In the rainbow 🌈 but I never chose to be it either. Things are given for a reason and I can’t understand why some people need to step on me like I’m nothing but one day I’ll step on them anyway. So why should I care so much about that stupid, illiterate shits?

I don’t want to be hypocrite so Trust me, I’m Kind to those who are kind but I’m indignant to those people who don’t know how to spell the word “Respect ”.

♥ What was the most embarrasing moment that happened to you yesterday?

– It didn’t happen yesterday but days ago, I got the partial grade of 87 in Filipino. I wasn’t really expecting to get 90 ’cause I know how I’m working in school this counting year. I decided not to put much effort but I think, that’s embarrassing ’cause some of my classmates might think I’m not good enough. Oh damn!

♥ Why do you think you’re an amazing human being?

– Well I believe, each of us contains unique characteristic/s and having that, I could say that I’m an amazing human being, not because I’m the best but because I’m genuine. So like me for me And I, thank you.

Seriously. Without me, you might not reading this ’cause nobody wrote it down. This blog might not exist. And maybe you never met Thony. 😉

♥ 3 things from your bucketlist.

• Reach Paris and New York

• Be a Lawyer and a Known Blogger/Writer

•Give this site a plan (before anything else.)

♥ Look behind you. What did you see first?

– Uhmm, Curtains and they’re color blue. 😂

♥ What motivational message would you tell yourself if you were a different person?

– This one is hard.

“ Hey you, I know that you’re life is not permanently always in happiness, you’re going through bad times most of the time. There could be these things that might bring you down but you’re a fighter, okay?

If you want something then work for that, never let other people pull you down. Don’t let them dictate you or judge you either. Their words won’t measure your success.

You have God by your side. Remember that.

In this world full of people holding guns, hold a knife for at least you will never lose any bullet. ”

Just the preamble, one main idea, and a punch line. 😂

♥ What are your thoughts about blog designing? Do you find it hard to do it? How do you know if it’s “the one” already? (I really want to know!)

– Le’me Think.

For now, I think it’s enough but I don’t find it hard to make. Blogs are dynamic, it’s changing so I may change the dasigns anytime.

It’s fun answering all them and I’m not greedy especially in allowing other bloggers to also do things like this so I want you guys to have the same feeling as mine. Let’s give it a random nomination ’cause I always find it hard choosing bloggers to be nominated since we all deserve it. Feel free to use the same questions that are given to me. 🙂

To whoever reading this, please consider yourself nominated, you deserve it so have fun and enjoy !

How was your weekend?

Will you do this award?

Follow Ryry. Okay?

Let’s talk and tell me a story.

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Get to Know Me Tag | 4th Tag

Hey peeps! How do y’all do?

It’s been five days since I published my latest blog post (here), and I’ve been so blind about what’s happening here in our community, my second home. But at least ,I’m finally writing again.

So I was tagged by this amazing blogger named Kranti from sparkklingthoughts. I’m very much thankful to her and I know that I’d be doing this sooo late ’cause it came weeks ago (sighs)

“ Hey Kranti! Thank you so much for this, I really appreciated it and I know I’ll be in great pleasure doing it 😃 ”

Let’s come with the rules:

  1. Thank the Person Who Nominated You
  2. Provide a Link to their Website
  3. Answer the “Get To Know Me” Questions
  4. Nominate 10-15 Bloggers.
  5. Pass on the Same 10 Questions ( With an additional of 2 of yours, if you wish

Alright, now with the questions:

1. What does your name mean?

-In Urban Dictionary on google, here’s what my name means:

Oh! I don’t know if that things are true or some piece of jokes. 😂

Well, it’s Mark and I alone gave it a meaning, for me it’s to leave people with things they’ll never forget. If they gave me pain, then I’ll leave them scars but if they gave me happiness then I’ll give them lasting memories.

2. Are you scared of heights?

-Yes but specifically no, I’m afraid of falling 🙂

3. What is your best physical feature?

-I love everything about myself ’cause it’s what I’m composed of. Everything has to be accepted.

4. What is your favorite Music Genre?

-Unquestionably, Pop but I also love those mellow songs about heartbreaks because they really put me and my mind in comfort. Well, they also make me cry. 🙂

5. Are you a good cook?

-Yes, I guess. Cooking is one of the things I love doing the most, if you haven’t asked, well you haven’t.

6. What is your favorite Ice-cream flavor?

-Chocolate, doubtlessly but it sometimes too sweet so I’d prefer either strawberry or mango as a substitute.

7. Do you have any allergies?

-None, so far I’ve never experienced being attacked by any allergy.

8. What is your favorite festival?

-I usually don’t attend ’em but they’re all celebrated with happiness so I would love attending it all.

9. Which of your parents do you look like?

-My father.

10. Who is your favorite Musician?

-Don’t you guys still know until now. Taylor Swift of course. 🙂

My two additional questions :

• (Not a question) How’s life now? Tell us a story. Express it all.

• What are the reasons why you cry?

It was really fun doing this tag and as usual, I want to pass that fun to all of you guys so yes, random nomination (again). To whoever reading this, you’re nominated! Just leave me a comment to let me know that you’re doing this.😃

It’s nice to be back and interacting with you all again people, as always. (Sending hugs and kisses)

Thanks for joining me! 🙂

Do It Yourself | Crafty and Easy

Hellooo Lovely People!

Are you guys Bored? If you are and can’t think of thing/s to do, well I brought something and I know that this will help and will let your creativity stand out (again). Let me tell you that this is one of the easiest among all the easy-to-do stuffs.

This is D-o I-t Y-ourself but right now, I’ll already be teaching you how to do this. 🙂

This is recycling, creating mixed with inspiration and motivation.

So what do we need :

Materials :

• Empty Rounded glass bottle

• Ribbon

Replaceable Materials :

• Sticky note

• Pen

Process :

* Clean the empty rounded glass bottle.

* Tie a ribbon at it’s opening.

* Write a quote/s on a piece of sticky note.( anything you’d like) Can be something that’s about treat or treating yourself 🙂

* There you go, you already have your candy jar as to the cheapest price.

Process :

* The process will be also the same with your candy jar making but it will only be different at the Quote/s.

* Your Quote shall be about writing or anything related with it.

* There you are.

This easy DIY tips will allow you to be crafty and idealistic.

It will both make your eating and writing fun, exciting, and most of all, inspiring and motivational.

If you think that this blog post of mine is yet finished… Well, too wrong cause I brought you guys three.

What And How ?

Materials :

• Empty glass rounded bottle

• Eiffel Tower miniature

• Ribbon (small and medium) Any color you’d love to use.

• Slip of paper

• Pebbles (can be Seashells, or special rocks)

How :

* Clean your glass bottle

* Tie a medium-sized ribbon at the opening

* Put some pebbles, or seashells, or special rocks first

* Put your Eiffel Tower miniature inside.

* Roll your paper slip and tie it with a small-sized lace. Add it there.

* And you’re done.

I decided to make a souvenir like that though I don’t reach Paris, France yet because that’s one of the places I will always love to visit and you guys know that.

This stuff will make you feel good everyday and everytime you’ll see it. It will keep you dreaming of the place and it’ll keep you from coming back there over and over again.

How was it ?

I would tell that making this kind of post is becoming my favorite, I like it when I share you ideas about DIYs and when I use my creativity so I hope that you guys also enjoy reading and using ’em.

Let me know about your thoughts and let’s talk about that. 🙂

“ Live life with Fashion, Imaginations, and Ingenuity. ”

Love you all People, Thanks for having me as a part of your day !

The Liebter Award | 8th Nomination | 3rd Liebster

Hey folks. Co-bloggers and friends. I was nominated again for the Liebster Award and here we are. I’m very much happy because this is already my third Liebster and we all know that this word is derived from German which means beloved or dear in English and because of that, I feel so much appreciated by your nominations and recognitions. The person who nominated me for this is Maysa Rose, and I’m just so thankful so expressing gratitude to her.

“Thanks a lot Maysa, I’m very much happy and honored to recieve this 3rd Liebster in blogging and blogosphere. Happy that you remembered me. 🙂 ”

Guys, her blog is a must-visit blog. Check that out here!

~ Rules ~

•Acknowledge the blog that nominated you for the award
•Answer the questions they gave you
•Give 11 fun facts about yourself
•Give them 11 questions to answer
•Nominate 11 other bloggers for the award

My 11 facts :

(Uhmm, sorry I can’t anymore think of my facts.)

1. I’m now 16.

2. I wrote my self birthday letter. Here!

3. I am always dissed. Honestly.

4. All of my written works in my blog are by experiences, they’re the things that happened and happens to me.

5. Today, I wore a white polo shirt plus jeans and I don’t like it. 😂

6. This school year seems to be really frustrating and streeesssing. I know that it’s part of being in the next level but why is it like this?

7. I was really destructed the past weeks but now, I’m trying to heal myself from that illness.

8. If you guys don’t know, we are given LOTS of things to do by our teachers including reports. 😩 I have one night to prepare so I’m expecting to sleep late again. (Oh, this reminds me of my fist blog post that was trashed)

9. Related to Number 8. The report must be on PowerPoint presentation and I don’t know how to manipulate computer or even laptop.

10. I forgot this one fact I decided to put there earlier. 😂

11. I need to publish this before 5:59 PM and the time right now is 5:23.. Got to type faster

Q & A :

1: If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be?

– Let me give you two answers for that. 🙂

It would be Paris and New York.

Paris, to see the tallest tower in the world and reach the city of love and fashion. And New York, to see the beauty of it’s lights.

2: What is the story behind your blog name?

– So it’s markanthonysthings (recommendation from WordPress) before but I changed it to markanthonysblog means it’s mine. But I am also planning to change it into something better excluding my name.

3: Do you have a summer goal? If so, what is it?

-Go to beach and collect sea shells, I know that sounds funny but yes, you read it correctly … I love sea shells.

4: What are your top three song obsessions right now?

-They’re not even new but I am locking myself in this songs:

Getaway Car
All too well
Last kiss
Begin again

-Yes, they’re more than two and they’re all sung by Taylor Swift .

5: What stresses you out the most throughout the year?

-Uhh, school. Doubtlessly.

6: What is your dream job?

-Be a Lawyer. Choose honesty. And defend innocent people.

7: How long have you been blogging?

-4 months. And I know it’ll keep itself with me for lifetime.

8: Do you have a t.v series that you just can’t miss?

– I’m really not into watching Television but I’m pretty sure, that would be horror.

9: What is your favorite thing to do (other than blog)?

-Waiting for tweets. Saving vidoes and pictures. Apparently, of someone else.

10: What inspired you to begin your blog?

-It was never meant to be started ’cause it came to me accidentally and I guess, blogging and my blog are destined things for me.

11: Is there a quote that is special to you?

– I can’t choose but I am always inspired by Taylor Swift quotes and also the ones I make.

I enjoyed it soo much! I hope you guys too will. And to whoever reading this, you can also do this freely ’cause I nominate you! You deserve it.

I love the questions and it’s fun answering ’em all so I think you guys already know what I mean. You got to answer the same questions given to me. 🙂

Have fun and thanks for joining! Love Love Love .

Letter from the Other Side of You

Hi there! I know it’s kinda weird but why not? Right?

I first decided to write a narrative prose for you but why would I? You’re not one of my heartbreaks and you’re not one of my hates either. I just want to say congratulations, finally you’ve reach your 16th year of life. That’s a fulfillment though I know that your 15th year had been your most favorite but why not to try switching? You only jumped to your next level, hope you also jumped away from your aches, Oh! I’m only kidding but yes, I hope that you really leaped to happiness. 🙂

I know that you have lots of problems but don’t worry, just leave them behind and forget. Try new things and enjoy. I know that you have a lot of things in your mind to complete, you want to explore, just go and I’ll support you all the way. Keep on dreaming about reaching Paris and city of New York. You know me, I’m always by your side.

When you’re feeling down, just face the mirror and I swear, you should expect me to be there. You’ll see me and you can always cry freely, express that all out and find your comfort again. When you need someone and nobody come, I’m always around. Trust me.

Don’t think of People who will give you nothing, don’t think of wrong opinions and criticisms. If you feel hated and unloved, Never allow them to see that you need their attention and acceptance, they’re as much useless than how they think you are. Remember that. Remain as yourself and keep those people who appreciates you as. You’re too lucky to have them in your life.

Do what makes you happy, Choose what makes you You. Love yourself more than how you give it to others. Never forget to be better everyday.

Put it in your mind that “Sunshine is Rain, and Happiness is Pain”, well that’s one of your quotes 🙂

At Sixteen, make it more exciting.

At Sixteen, make it more adventurous.

At Sixteen, make it more unknown.

At Sixteen, strive harder.

And at Sixteen, give it a taste of sweeter than sweet. 🙂

The Sunshine Blogger Award | 7th Nomination

Don’t really know how to start but People! I was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Let me tell you this, Aside from Liebster Award, this is also the thing I am always dreaming of before and now that dream is not anymore out of reach ’cause finally somebody gave it to me.

I am very much thankful to Jaya Singh, ’cause she gave me the chance to be included in this awarding.

“ Thank you so much Jaya, I’m very much honored again at this time. ”


• Thank the person who nominated you. ☑

•The ten things about yourself.

• Nominate other bloggers.

My ten random Facts :

1. I hate spiders. They’re like uhmm. Loathsome.

2. I hate snakes🐍 who would not?

3. I was out of the modern. I only deactivated my facebook account and I don’t anymore engage in using Twitter, Instagram, Or what.

4. Earphones and music are my escape. Would rather put and play it on and lay there than wasting time for some other things that will give me nothing .

5. I can be easily frustrated, Really, it’s totally hard for me to just let things go and forget. If there will be some failure around, I’ll think about that over and over again. Overthinking is one of my illnesses.

6. If before I keep on hiding my blog, well I am now promoting it and my classmates already knew ( I guess, you guys too should.)

7. I only have four stuffs on my bed and I want to have more.

8. Can I be a YouTube Vlogger? Yup, I reeaaallly want to.

9. I’m highly sensitive, I’m telling y’all I’m fragile.

10. (This is something that I never told you before) I uses net as my inner blanket. I know that’s weird, but I don’t know. Since when I was a little kid I already use it (maybe when I was five. ) But not only that, I also have PINK blanket which is also already there when I was little (the real owner was my grandma) and that’s my external blanket so my night coat is double in total. It keeps temperature warmer, that’s it! Funny, I know. 😂

Your Turn!

Let me nominate fellow bloggers from the country where I belong.

Thebluearty from

Knitted thoughts from

Sweat Thoughts from

Da huntress Nica from

Spacekoto from

adBontures from from

Ang aking imaginary girlfriend from

A heart that remembers from

My Rules :

• Tell ten facts about you, can be funny or what.

• Answer this ten random questions :

1. What inspired you to have your blog?

2. Who’s your idol in singing and what’s this song of him/her that makes you cry?

3. Fave place in the world and why?

3. Best goal/s in life.

4. Something that you already fulfilled?

5. What’s the best thing that blogging can give you?

6. If there’s someone you’ll be most thankful to, who would it be (except for God)? Why?

7. English or Mathematics ?

8. Forgive and forget or hate and avenge ? Where are you?

9. Have you ever denied yourself only for other people? Tell us a story. 🙂

10. How does it feel being awarded by this? Explain.

• Nominate other bloggers as many as you can and as you want.

Alright! Finally, I’ve got this thing I once was waiting for.

So guys, this doesn’t mean that because I mentioned bloggers to be awarded, you can’t do it too. To whoever reading this now, please consider yourself nominated and leave me a comment so I’ll know if you will participate and so I can read your amazing posts!

Thanks for joining me. Have fun and Enjoy 🙂

The Social Media Blog Tag | 3rd Tag

Peeps! Guess what? I was tagged again for this one.

So I was tagged by Wamby from and this is strongly a compliment, I am most thankful to her. It’s not the same with other tags like you’ll be answering questions or telling things about yourself, this kind of tag is only a process of recieving and giving.

You’ll be tagged and you will also tag other bloggers but it’s not as easy and simple as that,

By this tag, you’ll know how’s your blog and writings for other people and also at this tag, you’ll give appreciation as well.


  • Thank the blogger who tagged you
  • Choose a blogger or blog to nominate for each category and explain why you chose them
  • Tag other bloggers ( as many as you like )

Categories :


A blog with a design you love

Mary Anonuevo- This gal who’s one of my co-bloggers is just full of efforts in making and publishing posts. I love her graphics which are the watercolour florals, her featured images, and the way she changes her blog designs. It wasn’t over-designed though ’cause it’s just right. She’s the person who taught me how to remove the plain look to my blog especially for my life updates. Shall Visit! Here!


A blog with a friendly blogger

Lizzy- I’m telling you guys, that this co-blogger of me is just one of the most friendly people I know , she’s supportive, really trustworthy, and someone who can give you comfort at your frustrating times. I’m so comfortable with Lizzy and she’s that type of person whom you can easily get along with.

So if you want her also to be your friend. Meet her.


A blogger who could write 140 characters and you would still love them

Manessah B. – Well, Manessah is also one of my friends here in my blogging world, If you guys are wonderin’about her writings, they’re poems that are so lovely! Like how Wamby look at my posts, that’s also the way I look at Manessah’s skill in writing. Elite. Chech her here!

Ricardo Sexton-I really admire this blog that focuses on poems or poetry, to make it precise. I was amazed ’cause he has 4 000+ followers ,this is a growing blog. Love the poems, words are too strong and I’m none of his level. Applause. In this!


A blog which keeps you entertained

Wamby-Sorry but I have to do this. Haha.

I just love this blog of her ’cause it’s very energetic and you can never see things of sadness in here unlike my blog. Lol. Nothing, just love it especially her last line for every of her post that gives fun and maybe laughter if you’ll be seeing it for the first time. Check it out!


A blogger who’s updates you can’t wait for

Ragazza Triste- Yahh! Whenever I get back in blogging, I always make sure to check her blog if there’s a new post or update. Her post are all well-crafted, really amazing, uncertain, and something that people like me can relate. She’s also supportive for other bloggers and not that selfish kind that she post things to advertise other people’s blog. Yupp! A friend.

Check her out too. Click!


A blog which is very diverse and has variety

Jasper from jasperblogss- She’s also one of my first co-bloggers when I was just a starter 3 months ago (Am I just right?)

Well, she posts about her faves, skincare routine, playlists, travel, kitchen recipes and more.

To find more about her, go open it!


A blog which is full of creativity and inspiration

Ria- This blog from Ria that’s just really creative. Poems where you can relate yourself ,talking about life and different things that are about and part of life. Her sketches that are so lovely and something I can never do. She was also there during my dark time when I was in frustration, she raised me up, inspired and motivated me through her words.

To have yourself at that blog. Check this!

Well, if you’re curious what social-media site is this that I got from Wamby…it’s Twitter. 😍

She gave me the things about my blog/writings and how’s it for her. And I was so glad and felt appreciated by the words.

Super overwhelming!
This is just an effortless tag but honestly, I had a hard time choosing them but I know that they deserve it. I really enjoy describing their blogs as and I hope you’ll be checking ’em out.

I’d also like to tag anyone who’s reading it, you can now pick your best choice of blogs and bloggers. Love lots!

Real Neat Blog Award | 6th Nomination | Q & A

Hey guys! Here’s another blogging award that I’ll be doing again. I am so happy because the award names “Real Neat Blog Award” means the person who nominated me for this found my blog clean, isn’t it? 😂

But first, who’s this co-blogger of mine that nominated me? Ok, she’s Wamby and I’d like to thank her ’cause she got my name into her mind to be as one of the nominees.

“Thank you so much Wamby, I really appreciated it. I’ll be enjoying this moment. ”

Her blog focuses on her life, it’s a site that talks about it. So if you want to visit (Well, You shall) here’s the link:

Wamby’s Questions:

1. Benedict Cumberbatch or Tom Hanks?

– Sorry but I don’t know ’em both so I’ll pick nothing. I searched for their names on google but I have really no idea about such personalities. I check it once.

2. If you could go back in time, where would you go?
-That will be the time of my real happiness that happened inside 15 years.

3. Hot or cold weather?

– If for coffee, I’ll prefer hot water. If for juice, I’ll pick cold water. And if for taking a bath, doubtless, I’ll pick the combination which is warm water.

“Is there anything wrong with my answer? ”

4. Things that remind you of your childhood?

– Rain, sunshine, I think nature reminds me everything from the past.

5. What show are you currently watching?

-I’m not really watching TV most of the time, but if there would be a movie in my phone that would be horror but sorry, I’m blogging. “Hello! ”

6. Favourite blogger(s)? and why.

– You!, yes it’s you who’s now reading this! You’re my favorite not because you’re reading my work but because you’re just really a good blogger, who’s not? Right?

7. What subjects are your most and least favourite?

-Most favorite is English, No wonder.

-Least is Mathematics, doubtlessly.

I enjoyed this award and I also want this enjoyment to share with you all peeps…

So if you’re reading this and you want to be my one of my nominees, comment down so that I’ll be able to read your post for this. 🙂

Feel free to use and answer the questions Wamby has given to me. Thanks! 💜

The Global Aussie’s Liebster Award Version 2018 | 5th Nomination | 2nd Liebster

Hey y’all! I want you guys to know that I was nominated again for the Liebster Award and this isn’t new to me now but unexpectedly, I found out that this 2nd Liebster I would be receiving is the 2018 Version and so I became super curious about this thing. This is the real Awarding and there will be an entry, there will be a chance of winning for all the nominees so I am super excited ’cause I again will work for myself. Yes, I’ll be sending this at the Global Aussie and I’ll see it to myself.

Before any more discussion about it, I’d like to thank this blogger and friend as well who nominated and appreciated me…
I was nominated by hotch-potch. Here’s her blog link: ( Hope you guys will visit it! (: )

“Thank you so much, you don’t know how happy I am for this nomination. This means a lot, you gave me this chance and I also want to wish you a good-luck! ”

The Liebster Award is an award given by bloggers to other bloggers who they think need encouragement and recognition. It was started by The Global Aussie in 2011.

Words from the Global Aussie :

“2018 is upon us and it’s time to start the new year-round of the official rules of the Liebster Award 2018 to give other blogs exposure to the internet. If you are returning, I’ve updated this article to include new questions and images for you to use in your own blog posts. Each year I read every single entry and pick the blog with the most unique and creative questions. The winning blog wins a prize. Each blog gets one entry.

To enter you must:

•Link the Global Aussie’s blog post in your Liebster Award blog post ( Here’s their link: )
•Answer the questions given to you (if nominated, if you were not nominated you can use the Global Aussie’s questions)

•Create more questions for your nominees to answer (They’re looking for unique and creative ones)
•Comment on the blog post from the Global Aussie with a link DIRECTLY to your Liebster award. To make it easy to be read.

Entries start 1st Jan 2018 and ends on 25th Dec 2018. The winner will be picked on the 31st of December.”

There are some additional rules from hotch-potch, here:
• Thank the person who nominated you (☑)
• Display the award on your post.
• Write a small post about what makes you passionate about blogging.
• Provide 10 random facts about yourself.
• Nominate 5-11 other blogs for this award

Why am I passionate about blogging ?

-I don’t really know but when I started blogging it seems like it’s something to me that I don’t want to quit and leave. I guess, it’s giving me lots of benefits that I can’t and I can never find without it.

This is freedom, my blog seems to be my home ,and there I express without other people’s critics and judgements. With certain feeling, this means special for me as a person.

My 10 random facts :

1. I’m only fifteen and this age is something for me.

2. I am that kind of person who easily gets sad when I’m seeing people who are just pitiful.

3. When I’m having my Leisure, I usually put my earphones on and listen to music.

4. I love dark and luminous colors.

5. I love Paris and New York.

6. I’m not really going with boys.

7. I’m not into talking a lot. I’m an introvert.

8. Coffee and softdrink are my favorite beverage.

9. Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla (sometimes are my favorite flavors) .

10. I’m excited about this post! 😀

Now to hotch-potch’s questions and my answers :

I’ll probably going to do my best… (:

1. What relaxes your soul in the shower of tension and stress? – The thing,I mean the activity that relaxes me when I’m nothing but tension and stresses is listening to music, those songs that are soft and really comforting. It just let me escape from the reality.

2. What’s your strength?

-My strenght is my self-confidence, I am totally proud for being who and what I am, I never deny anything in me because this is what god has given to me.

3. What’s your weakness?

-My weakness is the fear of losing all the things I have right now, especially my mom or even myself, I may lost it all anytime and that’s frightening.

4. The first thing you do if you became The President of your country.

-The first thing I’ll do if I’ll be the president of my country is that to tell my people that I can’t promise anything but as much as I can, I’ll be making my moves and will give my very best to change the country’s state. I wont be hypocrite and going to tell them words of blandishments, being true is enough.

5. What do you mean by words LOVE and WOMAN ?

-LOVE is priceless, is acceptance , is everything, is world.

– WOMEN are powerful, heroes, and like love, they can be everything, and the world.

6. The very first thing you do before going to school at kindergarten and today.

-Prepare myself, I mean picking myself up.

7. What makes you happy always?

– God, my Mom, and my blog as well, doubtless.

8. One wish which has not become true in your life yet.

-To be accepted and be loved,be respected ( I guess ). Sorry, but I have this secret I keep.

9. First thing you do before coming out of your bed in the morning.

-Honestly, I always check my WordPress notifs.

10. Do you help any stranger shouting for help from long time and is alone in a big trouble which may cost your life too?

-I never experienced that thing yet ’cause I’ve never been from that scenario but if I’ll be on that, I think I will choose to help. Goodness to people can mean lot of things.

To my 11 questions :

1. When did you started blogging and what’s your story behind that blog of yours?

2. If you can be at this particular place in the world, where will it be? Give your reason/s.

3. What’s your greatest dream? And why?

4. Which is more important? Education or Respect?

5. What’s the greatest thing you’ve received here in blogosphere?

6. If you’ll be underestimated, how will it affect you and your life?

7. What’s this scenario that became the worst experience for your years of living?

8. Do you cry when you’re in love with a celebrity or known person? Explain.

9. What’s this song that tear your heart when you listen to it? Why?

10. Did you ever deny yourself?

11. Forgive and forget or hate and revenge? Where are you? Why?

My nominees :

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And to those who wants to join this awarding, you can either consider yourself nominated by me or just then visit this link: and follow all the written instructions there.

Hope you guys will be sending your entry and participate also. Thanks! (:

Self-Love Tag |2nd Tag | Motivation and Acceptance

Hey y’all!

Here I am back again with a new tag, I decided to do it now though I’m just after one tag because I’ll be busy the upcoming days and I don’t know if I can still manage publishing or not but I’ll be posting my reasons tomorrow (hopefully) and I hope you can read it all.

Let me tell you guys that I’m super excited about this one because it’s not just a tag but it’s a motivational thing to accept one’s true self completely.

Before we start answering questions, let me first thank the person who nominated me…Well, I guess you guys already know her because I’ve let you all recognize her as my co-blogger and friend as well.

Lizzy ! She nominated me for this and I’d like to express my gratitude and how honored I am.

“Thanks Lizzy for this nomination, I really appreciate it and I know this tag will be enjoyable and fun as well. ”

The rules: Oh! It has no rules so proceed to the questions.

The Questions

1. One feature you love about yourself? –In ability, I guess the feature that I love the most with myself is that I can speak and write in English, I mean all people can use it but for me it’s such a talent though for other people it’s just that kinda usual thing.

While in my body, it’s not just one feature because I love my whole being because this is me, this is mine and all I can say is that it’s such a thing to owe by acceptance.

2. One feature you wished you could change that you have accepted? – Again, I love my whole being. Nothing has to be change and nothing will be change.

3. Have you ever thought of getting surgery to change your imperfections? –What for? , to spend money for nothing? . Well for me, changing something in body is a sin, totally a sin.

4. Has a family member/friend ever put you down about your physical appearance? If so, what for?

None, but my mom calls me skinny some times but not in a way like she tries to put me down and what’s wrong? , I’m just really skinny, all I need is food but I’m not into eating a lot of ’em.

5. Something you love about your fashion or sense of style? –I never care about the way I wrap like “This is the way I wrap myself up, this is my way and this is how I handle it. ”

6. Why is your body a great place to be? –It’s a perfect gift to be. This body of mine was given by God and this is not a great place, but a great love.

Ok! I’m done! But I reread my answers again… Oh! I took them like answering Q & A with time limit at a pageant. I’m so sorry but I hope you guys enjoyed it the way I did.

Alright, this tag is motivational and it let’s acceptance exist at those people who are looking down at themselves because of their flaws so to pass it to many I’d like nominate whoever reading this now.

So if you do, You’re nominated! Go on and love yourself!