Power of Music

It sings for my ears. But it talks to my heart. It shakes me by my fears. And shoots me like board of a dart.

It brings back all the memories. And wakes me up of things I can’t find. It’s not my happiness. Why I feel like I’m blind?

But I don’t want to stop this melancholy. Even though I am so trap. I’d rather burst totally. Instead of fooling myself by bluff.

Lyrics is heartache. Tune is heartbreak. My emotion is not fake. My mind is in earthquake.

It’s painful. It’s kinda tragic. It’s playful. The power of music.


Get to Know Me Tag | 4th Tag

Hey peeps! How do y’all do?

It’s been five days since I published my latest blog post (here), and I’ve been so blind about what’s happening here in our community, my second home. But at least ,I’m finally writing again.

So I was tagged by this amazing blogger named Kranti from sparkklingthoughts. I’m very much thankful to her and I know that I’d be doing this sooo late ’cause it came weeks ago (sighs)

β€œ Hey Kranti! Thank you so much for this, I really appreciated it and I know I’ll be in great pleasure doing it πŸ˜ƒ ”

Let’s come with the rules:

  1. Thank the Person Who Nominated You
  2. Provide a Link to their Website
  3. Answer the β€œGet To Know Me” Questions
  4. Nominate 10-15 Bloggers.
  5. Pass on the Same 10 Questions ( With an additional of 2 of yours, if you wish

Alright, now with the questions:

1. What does your name mean?

-In Urban Dictionary on google, here’s what my name means:

Oh! I don’t know if that things are true or some piece of jokes. πŸ˜‚

Well, it’s Mark and I alone gave it a meaning, for me it’s to leave people with things they’ll never forget. If they gave me pain, then I’ll leave them scars but if they gave me happiness then I’ll give them lasting memories.

2. Are you scared of heights?

-Yes but specifically no, I’m afraid of falling πŸ™‚

3. What is your best physical feature?

-I love everything about myself ’cause it’s what I’m composed of. Everything has to be accepted.

4. What is your favorite Music Genre?

-Unquestionably, Pop but I also love those mellow songs about heartbreaks because they really put me and my mind in comfort. Well, they also make me cry. πŸ™‚

5. Are you a good cook?

-Yes, I guess. Cooking is one of the things I love doing the most, if you haven’t asked, well you haven’t.

6. What is your favorite Ice-cream flavor?

-Chocolate, doubtlessly but it sometimes too sweet so I’d prefer either strawberry or mango as a substitute.

7. Do you have any allergies?

-None, so far I’ve never experienced being attacked by any allergy.

8. What is your favorite festival?

-I usually don’t attend ’em but they’re all celebrated with happiness so I would love attending it all.

9. Which of your parents do you look like?

-My father.

10. Who is your favorite Musician?

-Don’t you guys still know until now. Taylor Swift of course. πŸ™‚

My two additional questions :

β€’ (Not a question) How’s life now? Tell us a story. Express it all.

β€’ What are the reasons why you cry?

It was really fun doing this tag and as usual, I want to pass that fun to all of you guys so yes, random nomination (again). To whoever reading this, you’re nominated! Just leave me a comment to let me know that you’re doing this.πŸ˜ƒ

It’s nice to be back and interacting with you all again people, as always. (Sending hugs and kisses)

Thanks for joining me! πŸ™‚

The Unknown Writer

Hey y’all! I was given the chance to have fun through this post by raynotbradbury. Actually, this was week ago but because I’m just super busy, I wasn’t also able to find time publishing post for this but here it is now.

Guys, If you want to visit her blog, just click on that highlighted name and there yahh go.

The unknown writer, alright this is something that’s not familiar with me and honestly I don’t really know and having any idea about doing this the first time I saw it but I reviewed and reviewed ’til I got it. But damn, How can I just make it if I’m not a good reader? Lol. Honestly, I’m not into reading books unless I have to. I don’t take much time turning pages and eating words from the content. I felt so sorry but ok, I don’t want to give regret so I’ll be using Taylor Swift.

Yes, Taylor Swift. This didn’t say that only book writers are allowed and since I’m a super fan and she’s a songwriter, and can be consider a writer, I’ll deal with it.

So what is this?

This is the challenge about the writer you’ve never heard of…

At some point of your life the writer was totally unknown to you, but at the end you finally read his work (let’s say in the last 5-7 years) and really liked his book/s or found them interesting (foreign authors are welcome). Or you haven’t read it yet, but planning to do so.

Rules :

1. Share the name of the author and the country of origine. Name some of his/her books.

2. The style of writing – describe shortly.
3. Quote – up to 3
4. The work of the author: the name of the book, novel, poetry…and the one you read or planning to read (add photo if you like).
5. The funny or interesting details from his life (not yours lol) – up to 6
6. Personal Opinion: was it fun to read? or if not – why have you been disappointed?
7. Nominate 3-5 blogs. Have fun!

My answers :

1. Taylor Alison Swift. From America. I’ll be using some of her first songs I listened to before I became a Swifty.

Teardrops on my guitar. (This is something that will make you 😭😭)

Back to December ( One of my faves 😭, it breaks my heart)



Blank space

If this was a movie (will change your mood from happy to sad)

Bad Blood : this is the very first before anything else.

2. Songwriting, heartbreak narratives.

3. Oh. She gave lots of words of wisdom. How can I just?…

This is a line from her speech for the 2nd Grammy award she received :

β€œ There are going to be people along the way who will try to undercut your success or take credits for your accomplishments or your fame, but if you just focus on the work and you don’t let those people sidetrack you, someday when you get where you’re going, you’ll look around and you will know that it was you and the people who love you that puts you there and that will be the greatest feeling in the world. ”

β€œ I know my flaws before other people point them out to me. ”

β€œWhen you hear people making hateful comments, stabd up to them. Point out to them what a waste it is to hate and you could open their eyes. ”

Let me break the rule again :

β€œ Without your past, you could never have arrived so wondrously and brutally by design or some violent, exquisite happenstance… Here. ”

β€œ I don’t want to change so much that people can’t recognize me. ”

4. So I’ll use album instead of book, let’s have the latest. Reputation

But aside from that, I also love the 3rd Album which is Speak now ’cause it shared sad songs and this is what composed it.

5. She was once a girl holding and playing her guitar with red lips and rosy cheeks but she was also dissed all the time, been called snake on social media, sidetracked and there’s number of people who ruined her but In the death of her reputation, she felt truly alive.

6. Her music are all good, especially the heartbreak ones ’cause they’re something that you can listen when you’re sad and you’ll probably cry and relate to it of course. But time turned, and the newest album was full of avenge and more on hate but it’s so amazing. Must stream!

7. There you guys go! Let’s make it a random nomination. To whoever reading this, you’re nominated and you can freely do this post also. Just let me know you’ll be participating by leaving me a comment so I can read your post for this.

I had so much fun and I hope you guys too will. Thanks for joining me! πŸ™‚

[L]ove, pain, and [A]esthetics

Honestly, I don’t know how to start, I dont know what should be my words. Am I just making this for you or for myself ? I’m not sure if I’ll successfully craft this narrative prose out but all I know is that I want to unlock this trapped weight inside and express it out. I’m not sure cause nothing is sure, all I’ll do is try.

Can I just tell you that I am always in loneliness, I exactly know how my days run and how I look for my space, that I am always with my drowsy feeling, with my teary eyes, with my writing hand, with my fractured heart ?

Then I met you, never know what’s this dumb thing I’m lighting up again but I continue and I do. My dark times are usually spend thinking of you, nights are full of silence. Your beautiful voice, It’s like you’re a sad song in my mind that keeps on playing and giving my body chills. I can’t see anything but you, I love that eyes, that hair which is obviously soft to touch , that teeth of yours seeming cute, and that smile of perfection. Who are you to me? And who am I to you?

All I know is that you’re a Filipino-Italiano, you’re a model, you’re a Youtube Vlogger, you contain lots of positive and unique qualities. Don’t you know that I love your wanderer side?

Don’t you know that I always wait for your tweets?

Don’t you know that I even read your blog done from year 2013?

Don’t you know that I love your complete name and used it to my little stuff?

What makes you so wonderful?

I got tired of saving your 2093 photos on my phone, Have you ever told me to do that? You didn’t, my mind abruptly answers. I am sick and I’m trying to overcome it. I memorized the path and I’m walking to it now.

I, I am just nothing but a hopeless stranger poisoned with stupidity. I felt missing and I have no idea why is it like this, it’s devastating me. I know where it’ll lead, to better heartbreak I guess cause you’ll never walk and travel the same path I’m talking about. Someday, you’ll find that perfect match and I shall be happy, I don’t and I will never hold any right to dictate things to you. It says that If you love a person, then value his happiness not yourself.

You’re in the middle of shining on me but soon, you’ll set and I hope another sun will shine, and I wish that it will be you again.

I’m still thinking if I’ll let you know about this wrote or not, why would I ? Or why wouldn’t I ?

You’re my written calligraphy, this is done to let you know that you’re important and you’re a part of my life. I hope you’ll be reading this… And at that time, my heart will be free from pretends and denial.


Here I am again in my lonely world, finding some console while playing and lending my ears to lullaby ditties which weakens my body and makes me drowsy.

The tone flashes back all the things that hurted me and the lyrics talks and asks me to be stronger and to be better everyday.

I can feel the weight inside and the feeling in my heart, I guess my eyes will never be dry.

As I’m thinking deeply, someone showed up. What I can see is a messy persona, that the eyes are irritated and reddish, that the hair wasn’t brushed and the face is gloomy.

I watched the tears fall and had a long look on the unbrilliant visage and countenance. I look down on the lips, I can see that it tries to bend a little and form a shape of happiness ,it tries to smile on me. The persona that I can see encourages me to never give up and carry it all but I think, I can’t anymore take it, I can’t anymore pretend to be alright, I can’t anymore prove that I’m strong ’cause I’m tired.

I give one more look and there I saw myself. I realized that it was me whom I can see and had a look on.

I remember, I stood up and face myself in the mirror, tried to lift it all up.

I changed my mind and decided to keep on going a little more.