Blogging Updates | Sudden and Unknown Hiatus

I shouldn’t be posting this, I should be talking about my life either being a student or as a social media user, I should’ve write about my struggles in school, about how I advertise my blog through platforms on the cyber world but here I am, writing for the unexpected.

I want you all to know that something bad happened and I really hate it. Days ago, I changed my site’s name, I read all the instructions, reminders, or whatnot that was there before I made my choice but sadly, I also lost a lot of followers, from 550 people, it dropped to only 51 of you and that’s so disappointing, I couldn’t really believe and until now I have the same feeling. I really lost my interest because of that accident, I really cried, I really did.

I was just on Twitter that time when I was trying to confirm such the problem. I messaged Steph ,well she’s known as Ragazza Triste here in blogosphere. I told her what happened to my blog and she said that it’ll be back ’cause she know someone who already had the same case, I was relieved and ’til now I’m waiting if it will be really fixed by WP. I also contacted Worpress team to tell me about this but they don’t respond yet, I hope they can reach me out ASAP.

I posted my Tweet at my IG story and Wamby replied to that, I was thankful she were there, at least I have someone to talk to. I told here every single part of the story and she checked my blog out, as expected there was an error at the result, she told me.

But despite of that, I was comforted at that time. And how I wish I could reach other bloggers especially my missing followers to seek for help.

I really feel so hopeless, I mean, I worked so hard for such that follower count and they only faded away so quick. It was my fault, I never knew what might happen but it already happened. How can I fix this?

It came to the point that I concluded that maybe blogging isn’t for me and I feel so hopeless, I feel so disappointed and hurt until now, but I’m trying to figure it out, I’m still trying to be positive whether it’s not honestly easy.

For now, I decided to put blogging aside for a while. Yes, I’ll go on a hiatus, and maybe that will take one month, or who knows? Maybe even months. I’ll first keep all the ideas I was hoping to publish here before and leave my blog open for visitors, keep my content set but inactive. But I know I’ll be back once I’m ready. I’m totally sure with that. Totally.

Maybe I will first focus on studies and just expose myself to other people online. Just reach me out if you want to talk with me through social media. I really need you all.

For now, my mind is filled with nothing but air, I just want to move on and forget this another failure I unintentionally did.

I’m only 6 months away before my blogiversay, I though I could celebrate that with 1 thousand followers but unfortunately, I maybe won’t.


Just continue with what you’re all doing people and I know that you guys know that I love you all and I won’t forget you, and I also hope you guys won’t forget me too. Xx.


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