The Awesome Blogger Award | 9th Nomination

Hey, hey, hey Lovely people! Boys and gals!

I’ve been so dizzy this past weeks and I hope you guys know that, well now you already do. Ha-ha. If you’re going to ask for the reasons, that’s because I’m referring to the week of our examination and I know that you all know how crazily frustrating that is.

Soo what’s next?

People. I was nominated again for an award ! ( I’m honestly yelling πŸ˜‚ ).

This award was given to me weeks ago by our gorgeous sister and friend as well, Mary AΓ±onuevo from OMG Ryry so a big thanks to her. I think, you guys shall really click that highlighted blog name, you’ll make no regrets. Sister Ry can make you smile, laugh a little, and cry, I’m sincerely telling y’all. πŸ™‚

Disappointingly, this is the only time I can make it but don’t yah worry, we’ll gonna have fun.

The Awesome Blogger Award was originally created by Maggie from Dreaming of Guatemala. This is an award for the absolutely wonderful writers all across the blogging world. They have beautiful blogs, are kind and lovely, and always find a way to add happiness and laughter to the lives of their readers. That is what truly defines an awesome blogger.


β™₯ Thank the person who nominated you.
β™₯ Include the reason for the award.
β™₯ Include the award banner in your post.
β™₯ Tag it under #awesomebloggeraward.
β™₯ Answer the questions you were given.
β™₯ Nominate at least five other awesome bloggers.
β™₯ Give your nominees ten questions to answer
β™₯ Let your nominees know!


β™₯ What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

– I literally grab my phone and abruptly turn it on to check all my notifs. Across my social media accounts. I once said that blogging is my only social but because I need my platforms, I created them (haha, gonna give you all the links later.) Well, I have Twitter, Tumblr, and IG but I don’t anymore use Facebook, except for project-purposes ,that’s the only time I open my Fb to post the things I made for my grade/s.

β™₯ Your current favorite song?

God is A woman By Ariana Grande. But I don’t think, that song gives me and my mind something. You guys know me, right?

Nothing compares Taylor Swift in writing and composing songs. The meaningful ones.

β™₯ Crush from a book or movie? Why?

-Haha, someone from Riverdale, Riverdale which is a movie I haven’t watched yet.


I’m not into reading books and watching so many movies. But I found someone on Twitter Months months months, I don’t know how many months ago but it really makes me sad, hopeless, crying, destructed, devastated!

But if I’ll look at the positive side, I would say, it gives me the ability and the inspiration as well as motivation to write. Haha.

( Clue: Model, ticked, half Filipino, half Italian, tall, has wide eyes, cute teeth, and a YouTube Vlogger)

See how I convert that person into my silly words.

Here I am again 😭😭

(Don’t tell anyone about this. πŸ™ŠπŸ˜‚ )

β™₯ Tell a secret (this is my fave)

– Is this a confession?

But wait, I need to be honest, I guess.

β€’ I have some photos of blahblahblah from that movie, Riverdale.

β€’And β€œONLY” 3114 photos of that 25 years old modelπŸ‘†πŸ‘† and if you’re going to check my phone, you’ll see there a separated folder only for……

(Also, don’t share it with someone πŸ™ŠπŸ˜‚ )

β€’Okay, I am somewhere In the rainbow 🌈 but I never chose to be it either. Things are given for a reason and I can’t understand why some people need to step on me like I’m nothing but one day I’ll step on them anyway. So why should I care so much about that stupid, illiterate shits?

I don’t want to be hypocrite so Trust me, I’m Kind to those who are kind but I’m indignant to those people who don’t know how to spell the word β€œRespect ”.

β™₯ What was the most embarrasing moment that happened to you yesterday?

– It didn’t happen yesterday but days ago, I got the partial grade of 87 in Filipino. I wasn’t really expecting to get 90 ’cause I know how I’m working in school this counting year. I decided not to put much effort but I think, that’s embarrassing ’cause some of my classmates might think I’m not good enough. Oh damn!

β™₯ Why do you think you’re an amazing human being?

– Well I believe, each of us contains unique characteristic/s and having that, I could say that I’m an amazing human being, not because I’m the best but because I’m genuine. So like me for me And I, thank you.

Seriously. Without me, you might not reading this ’cause nobody wrote it down. This blog might not exist. And maybe you never met Thony. πŸ˜‰

β™₯ 3 things from your bucketlist.

β€’ Reach Paris and New York

β€’ Be a Lawyer and a Known Blogger/Writer

β€’Give this site a plan (before anything else.)

β™₯ Look behind you. What did you see first?

– Uhmm, Curtains and they’re color blue. πŸ˜‚

β™₯ What motivational message would you tell yourself if you were a different person?

– This one is hard.

β€œ Hey you, I know that you’re life is not permanently always in happiness, you’re going through bad times most of the time. There could be these things that might bring you down but you’re a fighter, okay?

If you want something then work for that, never let other people pull you down. Don’t let them dictate you or judge you either. Their words won’t measure your success.

You have God by your side. Remember that.

In this world full of people holding guns, hold a knife for at least you will never lose any bullet. ”

Just the preamble, one main idea, and a punch line. πŸ˜‚

β™₯ What are your thoughts about blog designing? Do you find it hard to do it? How do you know if it’s β€œthe one” already? (I really want to know!)

– Le’me Think.

For now, I think it’s enough but I don’t find it hard to make. Blogs are dynamic, it’s changing so I may change the dasigns anytime.

It’s fun answering all them and I’m not greedy especially in allowing other bloggers to also do things like this so I want you guys to have the same feeling as mine. Let’s give it a random nomination ’cause I always find it hard choosing bloggers to be nominated since we all deserve it. Feel free to use the same questions that are given to me. πŸ™‚

To whoever reading this, please consider yourself nominated, you deserve it so have fun and enjoy !

How was your weekend?

Will you do this award?

Follow Ryry. Okay?

Let’s talk and tell me a story.

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Life, Achievements, and Look-Ups | 5th Blogging Monthsary

Helllooo Sweet People !

How’s Life ?

Well, if it’s good then I’m very much glad but if it’s bad then I think, you should convert that to happiness. Okay ?

Look what I do guys, I cheer you all up but I can’t even cheer myself but anyway, it’s just fine for me, I’d rather take time motivating others than taking value of myself. I was only damn stressed lately because of school ( huh ! Why do I keep on blaming school ? πŸ˜‚ ), our teachers gives us a lot of assignments, reportings, presentations, that makes me sleep late at night most of the time and then people will say that it’s easy to be a student, who told them that ? Right ? But at least the first month is gone.

There are some points that my classmates become depressed when they stand in front and the situation is really pathetic, I mean even me I become depressed sometimes but that’s a part though and I know my roles so I’m here to play. πŸ™‚

Well, allow me to tell y’all this. Something unpleasant happened, lately I feel like some of my classmates whom I almost treated as friends are back-stabbing me and I guess, I’m right. I was so dissed and the reason why I got into an over-thinking is because it seems like they never realized all the help I gave them. I’m their source of answers about our assignments, quizes, and even exams, well I think all of my help are countless but they don’t know how to count so look what they did. I think, I was used, I became so good amd full of patience, I was bloodsucked by the bloodsuckers. πŸ˜‚

( But at least, I have friends here. Oh yes, that’s you guys! πŸ™‚ )

Anyway, I never opposed them ’cause I know I’m smarter, I want to look matured and literate so I never spoke then, that’s it. Let ’em hit themselves with their own knives.

Saturday | July 14,2018

| 7:37 AM |

Let’s be back to blogging ? Shall we ?

Oh ! I’m celebrating my blogging monthsary this late again but there’s a lot of excuses why I wasn’t able to write and yah, school πŸ˜‚

This celebration is expected to be opened this past 6th of July, that’s the first Friday of this month that already passed. Wow ! I’ve never realized I’m already halfway there, 5 months of writing, fun, and happiness. πŸ™‚

So what are the achievements I reached inside that 5 months ? Honestly, they’re numerous and I can’t tell them one by one but there are some highlights I’d love to let you guys know.

So, I already published my 122 written works /post ! They performed so well and I’ve never expected that my traffic would increase and boom that’s why I’m super happy for the unending love and support that my co-bloggers give to me. I’m so blessed because of them.

As of now I still work with my traffic and try to increase it by encouraging those people to visit it even those who are not bloggers, I uses Pinterest as my social-media platform ’cause it’s easy to use and it really works. Really reliable and functional and now, I already have 6.5k monthly viewers. If you guys also want to use it as a platform for your blog but wonderin’ how, just tell me and I’ll help you. πŸ™‚

Gosh! Luck really comes by waiting. When I was just a starter, I am really dreaming of being nominated on different awardings and being tagged here in blogosphere but because I’m new, I never got them easily so I said to myself that I should wait ’cause everything would come at the right time and they did. I recieved 8 awards and 4 tags, here they are:

The awards :

The versatile blogger award

The mystery blogger award

The Liebster Award | 1st Liebster

The Blogger Recognition Award

The Global Aussie’s Liebster Award | 2nd Liebster

The Real Neat Blog Award

The Sunshine Blogger Award

The Liebster Award | 3rd Leibster

The tags :

3 Days, 3 Quotes tag ( Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 )

The Self Love Tag

The Social Media Blog Tag

The Get to Know Me Tag

Looking at the stats, we gathered :

I got 6,581 views, 2,614 visitors, 3,377 likes, and 803 comments. Wow people, thank you so so much ! πŸ™‚

The countries :

Wow ! My blog traveled lots of different places. Can’t believe it.

Look ups :

I am expecting nothing and I will only continue blogging ’cause I know that more and more good things are coming my way πŸ™‚

I honestly want to redesign my blog and even though I recently changed my theme and my blog look as well, I think there’s something better that I can do for it. And with that redesigning, I’ll also add new aesthetics for my life updates posts and make things uniform to look cleaner.

Now that I reached this 5th month of blogging, I decided to stop writing posts for every of my monthsaries, I’ll just then mark my calendar and once I already hit 1 year in blogosphere, I’ll be celebrating again together with you guys.

Halfway, halfway, halfway. Just 5 months more and my blogiversary is to come, I’m really excited and I can’t wait to post something special for that. Really can’t.

Let’s talk(?)

How’s life?

What do you think about my little plans?

You can also help me make things better by dropping a comment and tell me your beautiful thoughts. Always.

Thanks for joining me! πŸ™‚

4th Blogging Monthsary + Life Updates

It’s been four days ago since I published my very last blog post which is β€œ The Real Neat blog Award ”…

I missed a lot, I missed writing, publishing, my blog, and you guys of course! 😭

Anyway, I have a lot of things to tell so we’ll be bonding with lots of talk-about. It’s nice to be back! Well, I think some of you are wondering why I idled for such that four days and only had this time to write again and that’ll be no worries because I’ll tell them all.

As I’ve said from my last last last last + last post, I’ll be on indefinite hiatus because of school and yes, that hiatus happened but here I am again. Happened the very first week of my new school year, I became so much busy that I can’t anymore manage to find some free time, our teachers already gave us a lot of things to be done including assignments, research, as well as reports πŸ˜“ (with that emoji!) I only fail my very first reporting ’cause that wasn’t the only thing I have to do when I was at that night, there’s my other assignments to accomplish and I also prepared something for our class, Yes, I am again the elected President of our class which I honestly don’t want to because when I became the President last year, it was a nightmare for me. I really got frustrated with that failure like I was embarrassed in front of my classmates and my teacher and that’s a big deduction for me. I never told anyone ’bout this thing except to y’all but I just then made myself optimistic, I moved on, and think that that reporting isn’t my last. Huh! Really traumatic, I lost my confidence and esteem in speaking but that doesn’t mean I’ll give up, when I was at my lower grade in high-school, reporting and speaking was the things I love in school so ok, I’ll deal with the challenge.

With that updates, it’s obvious that I’m in extreme stress. I think more upcoming difficult experiences are about to come as days pass so I shall be prepared and be better than I am, weekends are just really my escape but not.

Except from that, I also received something bad and displeasing, I mean disgusting word from one of the teachers in my school. He my former subject teacher but I don’t think that he deserve my respect. Heck!. When we are inside the computer laboratory, he told a joke (not even a joke I think) he said that he will give me an award and that’s the award of loyalty because maybe I still picked the same school but except from that, he also said that he’ll give me an award of being β€œPabibo” , the word is new and not familiar, Right? Well, that’s an almost modern Filipino word which means to act like you know something though you don’t and you only want to amaze people with the things you can’t really do. I mean, that was rude and hurtful. When I’m in school I always make sure that I act naturally and innocently, I don’t even participate very much at discussions and try hard just to get that High grades, Oh my! Cause what for? I don’t have to make things harsh just to reach that super high grades. Is he a teacher? Or just almost an illiterate-acting person? Both! Especially, my classmates laugh at that and that’s no good for me. I never spoke and I just then laughed at it like everything’s fine.

So he think he can get away from me, sorry to him cause I’ll write about what he did, just a short, simple narrative that will surely against him. Don’t play games with me. Is he ready? Haha!

Because of what happened, I’ll dance this choreography and sing β€œ Look what you made me do ”.

🎢 β€œ Oh! Look what you made me do, look what you made me do,look what you just made me do, look what you just made me do! β€πŸπŸπŸ 🎢

Don’t you guys know that I love that steps? And now you know.


Just another update, I got 164 monthly viewers on Pinterest as my social media platform in just one month! I know that’s only a very small thing cause there are other users who could get 50-100k viewers, Yah! But for me, that’s something to celebrate. I guess, Pinterest is the most reliable and easy to use platform so I recommend it and I hope you’ll be using it too.

Follow me!

Now, if you are wonderin’ how to convert it into a platform, I’ll be answerin’ them all. Just comment down and ok, I’ll give you my responses . No worries! πŸ™‚

From that long talk, looks like we’re forgetting something.

Happy fourth blogging monthsary!

Supposedly, this should be celebrated this past June 06 but because I’m super busy, I wasn’t able to write. Sorry for the delay but let’s look back, Can we? Alright!


β€’ Wise-words Monday β˜‘
β€’ I wrote narrative /short proses.

β€’ I gain more followers, readers, likers, commentators, what more?

β€’ I was tagged several times.

β€’ I received different awards!

β€’ I met new people

β€’ I found friends

β€’ Better blogging experiences.

Things that happened are just so sweet and worth making celebration, isn’t it?

I am expecting nothing more this new month because I have nothing to wish at all, they’re all fulfilled. Everything are just priceless for me and they’re ineffable.

Ok, done with the celebration, let’s now move to the next thing to tell, Since my School just started and I have to put more efforts than usual, I’ll be on a weekly hiatus so that means I will not update anything during weekdays and will only do during weekends like this. So I’ll always miss you all especially those co-bloggers who are close to me and treating me as their friend and I also treat as friend.

By the way, I updated my new blog icon and here it is:

Again, Nice to be back!

Any questions? Click on the comment section!

Life Updates | Connect with Me!

Hey guys!

It’s been a long time since I posted about myself and my life as well, I got busy making my proses to be published on my blog but all that efforts are working and works, it’s all worth it and if you missed them, you can freely visit and check it out on my site. I missed making post like this, I missed writing like I talk to you all, that’s why here I am again and trying to connect with. Let’s just first set blogging aside, think of nothing, and talk about something. I’d like to tell you guys with my life activities that happens and will happen.

How was summer?

It’s a boring summer so far, I am always boring, I never send myself to some vacations or what (I told this before), Only blogging gives it life and no more else but soon enough classes is about to start and to tell it honestly, I would rather choose to send myself to school everyday than to stay at the same place for about a month. By the way, about it, since classes is about to open I shall now prepare for it especially that I need to put more efforts than before ’cause I’m already in senior high-school and that’s just two years and after, I’ll be a college student already. I have that mixed emotions for this coming new journey, the happiness, excitement, and nervous (why nervous?) I’m feeling nervous because I chose Physics as my focusing subject (pouting mouth) I know that the subject is hard and that’s without any doubt since it is a combination of two subjects which are both hardly complicated, Science and Mathematics. Well, I sometimes love Science but Mathematics? (let me think)… Oh I don’t know, not pretty sure! (rolling eyes) I picked the subject not to brag that I can manage it ’cause honestly I can’t, nothing I just want to be challenge so we’ll see.

I’ll still be in the same school where I exhausted my four years in junior high-school so I’ll also have the same classmates but they told me that there will be some new transferee from other school and because I’m not good in socialization, I hope that they’re good people but if not… Not anymore my issue.

As I’ve said, this next school year is just counting days to start so I shall be prepare, I just don’t know the exact date when but here’s something I’ve got to tell you…

I think, this will be the last post for now and I’ll be having an indefinite hiatus which is I’m not sure about how long will it take but still, I’ll be checking things out and once there’s some leisure I’ll grab that free time to write and publish if possible. This month of May is about to end and soon June has to be in and so my fourth blogging monthsary, I can’t promise to post for that but hopefully I can.

Except from that blah-blah-blahSss, I just hanged-out with my mom and younger brother as well before another stresses come.

We shopped mostly school supplies and ate at our favorite fast-food chain. Jollibee!

So now, you guys already know my favorite and if you’re planning to send me out please in that restaurant [?].

There’s none a greater feeling than to be with your family… Right? Right.

That’s all for now! I’ll be giving you more updates once my new journey began.

Love lots!