Unspoken words of feelings



“People keep on judging hastily in spite of not knowing the true story behind.”

“They don’t know you,
Who are they to speak?”

“If they throw you stones, throw kindness.
They’ll receive the best conscience.”

“Every deed has it’s corresponding consequence . So choose the best doings .”

“In doing a thing, make sure to give your heart or else, it will be nothing but a failure.”

“Life is fulfilling.”

“The idiom “eating -a-piece-of-cake”
Means finding happiness inside hardness .”

“Whenever I felt fractured, I usually face myself in the mirror, look closely at my reflection , stare at my lips and then smile like everything’s fine.”

“It’s not about the words “ I can ” , It’s about the words “I want” and “ I will”.”

“Most of the time, we think that the problem are with those who surrounds us but we never realize that it’s nobody else but us.”

“Don’t ever think you’re alone. Look at your shadow and imagine who is it.”

“We can do and we can be anything we want, at least we shall try.”

“Never wish to be more than what and who you are right now. You’re lucky enough.”

“Feelings can be expressed through oral words or by voice.
Pen and paper also does.”

“Our journey isn’t measurable, nobody knows how long will it take,
What’s the point anyway?
Just keep going and someday you’ll find out how far you’ve reach.”

“You get tougher by the stones they throw, you build your empire little by little as they continue.”

“No matter how hard they ruin you, at the end of the day you’ll fix yourself through that bullets they fire and shot.”

“How does wise people move?
They take all the pain and give it back through success.”

“The thing that I hate the most is that I’m still too young to defend myself and the people I love.”

“Happiness will never be a part of those perfect things ,there will always be an indentation.”

“As far as I experienced, it’s hard to let people be engaged at things they don’t really want to do.”

“In aiming for something, patience shall always be there cause its a certain fact that all things takes time and everything has a perfect timing.”

“One of the best feelings is being appreciated and one of the worsts is being criticized.”

“Someday, Rain will stop and the rainbow will show up.
The pain will be gone.”

“Choose what makes you you.
Pick what makes you unedited.”

“No matter how successful you became if that one real thing you’re always indesire with didn’t exist, you’re still unfulfilled.”

“Do what you want, not what the others did.”

“You continue to copy others but you can’t. That’s because we aren’t really all the same. So stop acting like them because they can never be like you too.”

“You’re envious with others while they’re also envious with you.”

“If you only listen to music because of the sound and energy and not by the message, then you don’t know how to identify the real music.”

“ No matter how people treat you, day will come that they’ll regret and look up on you. And then all you are to choose is to forgive and be humble despite of what they did. ”

“ I may never be a good writer but at least I strive. ”

“ Sometimes I could feel like I want to cry but no tears scatter, means the pain isn’t pure and true. ”

“ I may not be known by a lot of people, but fame is what for?

This running, ever-changing world isn’t for the popular ones, it’s for some who aims. ”